The Words of the Jenkins Family

Fulfill The Direction Of Heaven

Michael Jenkins
August 31, 2004

Dear Family,

The regional director of region 17, Rev. Kwan, made up his mind that he will fulfill the direction of Heaven. When you do that, the winds of fortune come your way. Now Rev. Staffan Berg of the Arizona-Nevada-New Mexico region have not only made their goal they have gone over it !!! They bring the best in quality and spirit.

We will report about this to True Parents immediately. Father is setting strong conditions for America and the Middle East while he is in Alaska. News of Arizona and Chicago making their goals will comfort Father's heart.

America is the key to world peace. I'm sure it is no coincidence that on September 11 we will be in Jerusalem marching with seven former enemy nations. We will be there as one Muslim, Jewish and Christian family, reconciling and healing the enmity and resentment that caused September 11th. Also Germany is set to make a huge condition of repentance for the Holocaust.

The America that the world once loved will rise again in Jerusalem. Now the Elder Son nation is being supported and lifted up by the blood, sweat and tears of the members and Ambassadors for Peace from Latin America, Oceania, Africa, Europe, the former Soviet Republics and Asia in this effort to bring world peace.

Thanks, America. Thanks to the Continental Leaders and our World Peace Ambassadors, and all our leaders who are moving with one heart to fulfill the will of Heaven.

A new people of a new and most holy covenant have risen up to step beyond the boundaries of race, religion and culture to say we are God's people and we shall not allow the forces of darkness to divide us. There is one God and he is the Parent of all, without exception. He has now opened the gates of Heaven and all will enter who love the Lord.

Thanks America. Thanks to IIFWP worldwide.


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