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What If You Are Inspired And Your Spouse Isn't - Send Them To The Holy Land

Michael Jenkins
August 24, 2004

Dear Family,

We are running into a very interesting aspect of the Middle East Peace Initiative.

Spouses who have not been that enthusiastic about other activities related with our Church or organizations are finding new life and hope through the Middle East Effort.

Sometimes there are spouses who have great faith and integrity and have maintained such over the years, however due to career or different interests of the "character" of a particular Unification Community of Faith they haven't found their "place" and have seemed to be not so interested.

Please send these wonderful brothers and sisters to the Holy Land !!! Many such individuals are signing up and have gone on the last couple of Pilgrimages. I don't know what it is. Maybe because of the danger and the seriousness of the situation and the reality that most people see God and faith in a completely real and renewed way they are having a "rebirth" in their own life of faith.

One of our sisters just testified to me, "I haven't been that active for many years. Deep in my heart I love True Parents and know that I am their daughter. We've been raising our children with the faith but doing so alone. I have'nt found my faith community to fulfill my needs but still I believe. Then when I heard about the Holy Land - something touched my heart. Going to Gaza ??? Wow. I see this on TV all the time but to think we are actually going there and embracing Muslim brothers and sisters. Wow. Going to Jerusalem?? How long have we heard about the suffering of the Jews and yet now I can actually do something to comfort them. I decided to go. Because of this my life has changed. I couldn't believe how much the purity of my early life of faith was completely renewed. I felt like I did when I joined. It was really amazing. Now I feel completely different. When I came back to America, I saw our work differently. Then I signed up and went again this spring. It has brought new life to me and my family. I'm grateful to True Parents. I now see that Kingdom coming and believe that it will happen. " Blessed Wife from America

Brothers and Sisters, our blessed families have walked an incredible path of suffering to fulfill the dispensation of God. So many have died on the battlefield. However, their contribution is always marked in history and True Parents never forget them. They are precious. They laid down their lifes for God's will and suffered greatly. That's why if you look at our history many key and very prominent leaders in our movement had their "dark night of the soul" in which they couldn't be on the "cutting edge" of the providence or if they were they were there with a reserved commitment. However, if you look deeply at their lives or at the lives of all great people of faith - from Augustine, to St. Francis and others, you will find that God never, never stopped seeing them in light of his hopes for them based on their ancestry and original mind and character. That's why when Samuel approached Jesse while looking for David - God spoke to him and said that .. " man judges from outward appearances but God judges based on a man's heart." That's why when significant trials or wars or events in history occur - many who would be considered to be in the background sometimes come to the foreground of history.

Ulysses S. Grant comes to my mind. He was thought to be a drunkard and almost considered a disgrace in Illinois. He had resigned from the army. h He actually was actually not permitted a command - he was seen as a lackard. Then the war broke out. Something changed in him and he came alive - willing to do anything for the sake of the Union. He finally was able to get a small command and against the advice of the textbook generals who said Vicksburg, Tennessee could not be taken, Grant, against all odds led the men to victory. Because of this he was promoted. When the generals told Lincoln that the South would not surrender for a long time and the generals refused to pursue Lee in Virginia, Lincoln called upon Grant. The war ended in short time after that.

Grant became President for two terms. He would never have come to this central role in American history had it not been for an atmosphere and environment that brings out the best in God's people.

That's why if you are inspired and your spouse isn't suggest that they come to the Holy Land and especially that they sign up for Gaza. God is in Gaza. I have experienced him and felt his love and profound protection there. I found God also at the Western Wall and at Gethsemane and saw Imam Bundakji weep with Rabbi Lazorovits at Al Aqsa Mosque.

This is real - and when its real - the living God appears.

Send your spouse to the Holy Land. They will see the Living God.



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