The Words of the Jenkins Family

America Is Needed For The Holy Land

Michael Jenkins
August 24, 2004

Dear Family,

True Parents have been honored as the King and Queen of Peace and the central dispensational focus of the efforts for Peace are now in the Middle East. The American responsibility has profound meaning in God's providence. As the Elder Son Nation and the representative of the Second Israel our calling to bring 500 Ambassadors for Peace is most important. How America handles this central responsibility to facility the unity of all continents working for peace in the middle east determines the next step of America's destiny as well as each of our families. This is not a journey that should be taken lightly. Father has made it clear on numerous occasions that the only way to reduce the tensions between Muslim, Christian and Jewish peoples and nations at this time is through our efforts in the Middle East. We must bring a new spirit of reconciliation and love between God's people. That's why the fourth Israel (a new chosen people) was established one year ago on August 20th. This was based on the repentance and reconciliation of Christians, Muslims and Jews in Jerusalem that was established by the Jerusalem Declaration. God's people from all faiths can now become one in heart while maintaining their diverse religious traditions. All families can now be blessed by their religious leaders and remain in their faith traditions and realize the Kingdom of God. This is a most important providence to understand. Father has also warned the ACLC religious leaders and other Ambassadors for Peace that our work in the Holy Land will directly decide whether the tensions of the Middle East divide the faiths of the world and lead to global and immense conflict or whether we reconcile and bring peace on earth. The outcome is in our hands.

The 500 people that are called to Israel may be composed of Clergy, Amb. for Peace and FFWPU Members (first and second generation). New VIP's are also welcomed at this time as we have found that this program can completely transform their hearts toward the hope of peace and cause them to whole heartly support the IIPC.

They will be joining some of our nation's and Europe's most influential leaders in engaging directly in the Peace Process.

This is our time and America, at crucial moments in history when called upon historically to advance freedom in the World, has always responded to God's call.

Through our wholehearted sacrifice, we will move the Peace process into a new dimension as the Muslims, Christians and Jews of the Middle East are taking tremendous and serious interest in our efforts and many key leaders of those faiths have experienced directly the power and the promise of reconciliation.

Please America, we are asking every family to support and engage in this crucial dispensation. America is the nation that can bring harmony and reconciliation between Ishmael and Isaac. Dr. King led the way here in America for the incredible process of restoring the history of race relations. Though we are still in the midst of that healing process it started and was supported by the foundation of Christianity in the second Israel and the firm principles established in the founding documents of America. These founding principles created in America a "covenant" and "commitment" to preserve the freedom of all religions especially that of the Jewish faith and the Muslim faith. Those faiths have true freedom here in America.

America must lead the way to bring reconciliation and balance between those faiths in the world. Since it is difficult to do this through the Political systems of the nations involved and the UN it must be done by the NGO and Religious foundations of the Peace UN and the "spiritual" foundation of America. We go there as people of faith - religious leaders, elected officials, community leaders, women of peace - people of faith - to set the condition to bring the reconciliation and balance that can only come from "America". We are joining with our brothers and sisters in Europe - some of whom will represent former enemy countries who have reconciled with America. We go also with South America, Africa and Asia demonstrating that as Ambassadors for Peace we rise above our "enemy" histories and demonstrate a power of love and unity that only God can bring.

A power that came when Jacob and Esau reconciled and wept. A power in which we will now see Ishmael and Isaac, repent, come together and weep. This is our call.

America has this kind of spirit. The True America sees all people as God's family and is the advocate that every race, religion and culture can live together as one family under the principles of faith in one God, the sanctity and universality of love through blessed marriage and family and the love for all humanity based on self evident truths established in our founding.

Rise up now America. Bring 500 of your best and brightest to the Holy Land. God has prepared a way if we all come together with one heart.


Love, MWJ

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