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Why Are Blessed Couples Drinking The GIG Holy Wine

Michael Jenkins
August 19, 2004

Dear Family,

History is moving forward having been secured by the conditions of our True Parents and the unity of all leaders and Blessed Members worldwide. Due to incredible conditions the Blessing on August 20th has an enormous power of "grace" or the meaning of giving a "pardon" to our nations, our lineages and all people. All former mistakes can be covered in this grace. That's why key leaders representing all the countries of the world will join in ceremonies world wide. Representing their nations as Moses represented Israel on the mountain for 40 days allows for them to secure the condition of grace for their whole nation, just as Moses as one person could secure the condition of grace for all the people of Israel.

The Title of this Blessing Is:

"The Blessing for Registration in Cheon Il Guk for the Revolution of True Heart and for True Liberation and Complete Freedom".

Why are all Blessed Central Families and Second Generation taking the Holy Wine.

This is for the very reason that this blessing gives a "pardon" to our families, ancestors, nations and all people we represent. No previous condition of the Holy Wine and Blessing could extend this grace beyond the couple and their family. Now it is extended.

The Holy Juice also has the power to :

1. Secure the Change of Blood Lineage. - Change "ownership" of the family to "God's Side"

2. Set the condition of covenent that allows the participant to enter into the "realm of theNew Chosen People of all races and religions - the realm of the fourth or completely "NEW" Israel. Israel here doesn't mean the current physical nation but rather connects with the title that Jacob was given "Israel" Victor for God. Which designated Jacob as having been "Chosen" by God. On the foundation of being chosen Jacob should embrace and reconcile with Esau. All then enter the realm of being "chosen" At this time it means Ishmael and Isaac can reconcile and the realm of the chosen expands to all believers in the one God of Abraham, Ishmmael and saac and Jacob and Esau.

3. Set the condition for Registration for all who participate in Cheon Il Guk.

4. Allows the condition of "grace" or "pardon" to be given for our past mistakes of the Individual, family, tribe, nation, and people. This "pardon" extends through us to our nation and to all people we represent.

For Blessed Central Families who already received the Church Level Blessing and the Registration Blessing (2000) and the Cheon Il Guk Blessing (Feb. 6, 2003) and then took the Cheon Il Guk Holy Wine (August 2003). It means we are securing registration in Cheon Il Guk for our Tribe and receiving the massive "grace" and "pardon" for our past mistakes and expanding that grace to our tribe and our nation.

Though our tribes and nations will receive a conditional grace from the representatives of each tribe and nation participating in the Blessing - still all must make the condition of taking the Cheon Il Guk Holy Wine (Juice). This is why we are asked to extend this blessing to our Internal Tribe (Our Relatives) and our External tribe of (Neighborhood and Community). Ideally all should be completed by August 20th - Rev. Hwang announced extension to August 31. Father also mentioned at Hoon Dok Hae the other day that we will continue "Blessing" through October 3.

This is the time when a New Chosen People of all races, religions and cultures is now standing as one unified family before heaven and earth. To see the Religious leaders and dignitaries sharing in this Cheon Il Guk Holy Juice and joyfully registering their families in the Cheon Il Guk - Kingdom of God - was a beautiful sight to behold today. 350 of the worlds top Ambassadors for Peace have gathered. The Peace Kingdom is moving forward with absolute surety.

Be Confidence and Know that you were chosen for this hour. Rev. Kwak gave a keynote address today and announced that tommorow on August 20th this day will be marked as a turning point in history. In the IIFWP International Leadership Convocation entitled, "Ambassadors for Peace in the 21st Century: Establishing a World Culture of Heart and Providing Leadership for a World in Need" Ambassadors for Peace have gagthered from all over the world.

In his opening Plenary Address Rev. Kwak indicated that True Parents are now bringing full restoration stating, "All the tangle of injustices, hurts, wrongs, violations, abuses, atrocities, and aggression must be restored at this time… and within a short period of time…at the most 8 years. This restoration is not only a matter of exacting justice, compensation, punishment, etc., but requires most essentially the healing of the heart. Tomorrow marks the beginning of the end of evil."

Now the world is being covered by the blessing.

This is the day in which the Lion will lay down with the lamb and every tear will be wiped away from every eye.

Thanks to All Blessed Central Families, Religious Leaders and Ambassadors for Peace for your Absolute Faith, Absolute Love and Absolute Obedience at this time.

Glory be to God.

Rev. Michael Jenkins

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