The Words of the Jenkins Family

Reverend Jenkins' Message

Michael Jenkins
August 19, 2004

Dear Family,

Mr. Machida's historic "Walk for Peace" is getting recognition from the mayors and leaders of many of the cities across America. Our brother Jesse Berndt is driving him everyday. He has made this journey in record time and the most moving thing of all Mr. Machida is humble, loving and unassuming. He is lifting up the life's work of Father Moon and calling for all people to join in the efforts of reconciliation and love.

Here are some photos from when he passed through St. Louis. He went on through Indiana and will come through to Washington around August 26 or 27th. He will have completed the Journey Across the whole United States on foot!!! Clergy and Ambassadors for Peace are welcoming him at this time as a hero of unity and love.

Bishop Kim in Chicago and Rev. Carl Swearson prepared a great welcome from the Clergy and from various city officials and VIP's. Mr. Machida was recognized for his great effort and particularly for his heart. Bishop Ki Hoon Kim with his giant heart raised a nice donation for Mr. Macida. He was very moved. He is giving his heart for one thing. To show the path to peace historically has been one of suffering and sacrificing for the sake of others. This is the path that heals the heart. He is highlighting through his walk the grateful attitude and love with which True Parents gave themselves for America. Whether through intense persecution and criticism or even imprisonment - he responded in only one way - with a heart of love. That's why the clergy of America were moved deeply to join Father Moon. They saw his love for Jesus and his willingness to "take up the cross" and follow the way of the Lord. Mr. Machida has "taken up his cross" to bear the burdens for the sake of America. I now call on every American Blessed Central Family to "take up your cross" and walk the sacrificial path now until the darkness of hatred and strife yield to the Culture of Heart - the culture in which we love and respect every race, family and people.

Thanks Mr. Machida


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