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From The Holy City Of Jerusalem - America - Come To The Holy Land

Michael Jenkins
August 11, 2004

Dear Family,

I'm writing from Mt. Scopus. Out of my window I can see the Old City of Jerusalem and the Golden - Dome of the Rock. The World Peace Pilgrimage is inspiring and engaging the Ambassadors for Peace from all the nations of the World. I want to ask that each and every American Blessed Families plan on encouraging one Ambassador for Peace or FFWPU member as a representative of your state to go for the historic World Peace Pilgrimage in September. This will be when America, Europe and Russia all intersect with over 1200 Ambassadors for Peace. Things are moving and the spirit of the age of the Peace Kingdom is strongly moving the people of the Holy Land. When Joshua marched on the 7th day a miracle occurred in Jericho. We feel here that we are on the verge of such a miracle. Every town and village and area of the Holy Land is being touched. Peace Ambassadors are fanning out to every area and having special meetings with the key leaders as well as the people of faith.

Here in Jerusalem the Continents of Oceania and Africa have brought some of the finest leaders together from all the cultures of the world. Having been trained as Ambassadors for Peace nothing gives them a more "real" feeling for this central and historic work than coming to Jerusalem. Father's direction and insight is always based on deep prayer and reliance on the Principle and God's central dispensation. Clearly as we look at the world situation, especially in Iraq, the need for Interreligious reconciliation and understanding could never be more pronounced. The place that Father feels the biggest breakthrough can occur is here in the Holy Land. The Muslim, Jewish and Christian faiths find their very roots here. The conflict here is also the most pronounced in the world. As we bring love and understanding between the Abrahamic faiths an internal condition is set that moves Heaven to bring peace and understanding. The Interreligious council is the central pillar and requirement to assist a nation in reducing tensions and realizing peace for humanity. Here in the Holy Land the only way you can move forward is with an interreligious spirit. We can't just work as representatives of one faith. To really bring the spirit of Peace we need God and God is behind all the faiths. Therefore people who really stand in oneness with the heart of God naturally are most comfortable when all the faiths created by God walk together hand in hand.

Here in the Holy Land religion is all around you. The Ambassadors for Peace are here from many countries. Some of them come from very secular societies in which religion seems to be something passively in the background. When you come to the Holy Land - you are in an environment where religion is an everyday part of every part of life. When you walk down the streets around the Old City, Orthodox Rabbis pass you by followed by Muslim Women covering themselves in traditional clothing with sense of purity. People streaming to the Mosque at prayer time and thousands gathered at the Western Wall. Christians walking by in procession with incense and "singing" a Gregorian chant making you realize - we are all rooted here.

At the entrance of the Western Wall stands a special sign that says "This is the Holy Place in which G-d permanently resides". Then it goes on to open the gate and welcome all faiths by quoting Isaiah 56:7 "for mine house shall be called an house of prayer for all people." This is at the entrance of the most Holy Place of the Western Wall. It's in the scriptures - inspired by God that we God's house is a house of prayer for all people. That's why the Ambassadors for Peace following the lead of the Interreligious Council that establishes the "Scriptural Bridges" for us to walk over can stand on a rock solid foundation to bring the children of Abraham together. We stand on the rock of God's Word - written in the Torah, the Bible and the Koran. Based on this Word we can establish the permanent basis for our being one family. That's why the Rabbis at the Western Wall are profoundly pleasant and supportive as you come to pray. Why - because its in the Word... and the put the Word at the Gate. My House is a House of Prayer for All People. Therefore God is bringing the world to the Holy Land because the whole sacred city is a house of prayer for all people. When we come in Prayer and Righteousness - we inspire righteousness in others.

Since True Parents set the condition for the restoration of all families, we must now set the condition that we go back to the root of what divided the people of the Book. The children of Abraham. We are here to restore and heal the historic divisions of the religions that have been prepared by God to receive the coming Lord. This is our destiny and we are fulfilling that destiny. We are very grateful to the spirit of the participants from Oceania and Africa. When they walk waving the flags of their 70 plus nations - every head turns. The Peace UN has come again to the Holy Land !! .... The Peace UN has the power to bring the spirit of love, beyond race, religion and nationality. Rev. Yong, Rev. Greg Stone, Rev. Lee and Rev. Kabilo. They brought the people that God prepared to be here and to link their nation with the final dispensation of bringing peace on earth.

At the Western wall the President of Vanuatu prayed that all the nations of the world would now focus their efforts for Peace in the Middle East. Many of these Ambassadors for Peace are among the most influential people of their continents. One pastor is on the central board of the World Council of Churches and many Muslims came from Africa and Down Under. We went on to the Holy Site of Islam - Al Aqsa Mosque and the Golden Dome of the Rock. The change that has taken place both in the Jewish Rabbis and Officials towards us is very encouraging. We have become more and more well received over time. The Sheikhs at Al Aqsa and the Dome of The Rock shared with our Ambassadors how they have come to trust Father Moon and the work to bring Jews, Muslims and Christians together. The Sheikh at this central Holy Site of all of Islam expressed how much we bring hope to the region. To see all the people of the world praying and working for peace and to brings hope to the Muslim people. There is so much misunderstanding and separation between Muslims, Christians and Jews, however the IIFWP's commitment just continues to grow and grow. Our consistency gives us a unique power as does the diversity of all races and faiths coming with the fundamental spirit of the Peace UN.

Last night the Bridge of Peace was conducted by Claudalina, Mrs. Glaubach and many other Arab and Israeli Ambassadors for Peace. Former Knesset member Walid Sadiq opened the way for a new dimension of the bridge in which men began to follow the women in crossing over the boundaries of past conflict and resentment and to repent, embrace and forgive one another. Many testified that though they have witnessed the Bridge of Peace before in many different countries, nowhere in the world is there such a profound heartfelt longing for the division of the people to be ended. The people are all descendants of Abraham. Last night an unusual thing occurred, as the men crossed, Arab Muslim and Israeli Jewish men crossed the bridge and began to weep. It was overwhelming. One Jewish woman who was passing by and saw the beautiful bridge and felt moved by the music and the tears came in an observed. She shared with Father Hatoum - "I can't believe my eyes. This is what Israel needs. This is what is in the hearts of so many. We deeply want to end the hate and the suffering. We want to embrace. This gives me hope. Maybe someday the top leader of Israel and the top Palestinian leader could cross the bridge together !!"

That day will come if we fulfill our responsibility. The Peace Kingdom is coming right before our eyes. The Ambassadors for Peace in Israel and from the nations of the World are seeing clearly that the IIPC that Rev. Moon founded is truly expressing the power of people of faith that know that the desire of God is that we all sacrifice for and live for others. The Ambassadors for Peace made enormous sacrifices. Some of the participants from Oceania paid over $4000 just in airfare alone. Its a miracle that they could make it. One Pastor from Sydney Australia said, "The moment I got the invitation to come to the Holy Land, I knew that God was calling me." Now today as a I walk with Muslims, Christians and Jews I feel that I can express the real love of Jesus. I'm walking the way of Jesus. I'm walking the way of love. "

One Australian member of Parliament said, "I've been an Ambassador for Peace for a couple of years, I can see and feel from meeting and talking to people that the Ambassadors for Peace are bringing all the networks of people of faith together to focus on peace. I'm overwhelmed by what I see and here about what this is doing to help people here. As Father Hatum said, by the Ambassadors from the world coming here we are not only encouraging the peace process but we are giving confidence and energy to the people who are here to "work" constantly for peace. I can see that we are literally giving energy and hope to the people to stand up for reconciliation and peace."

The MoP met one of the key Israeli leaders that evening with a Muslim Professor Dr. Michael from Australia and Sheikh Ali Birani and myself. This Israeli leader is one of those most supported by America in the work of bringing Israelis and Palestinians together through the Geneva Accords. Again, he shared with us that the accords definitely need the Interreligious support of Muslims, Christians and Jews that are harmonized.

Service for Peace is doing a great work here with Massimo and Baruch Shalev. Imagine Palestinian youth working side by side with Israeli youth to serve humanity - it happened and a more beautiful thing occurred. The Palestinian youth slept in the in Israeli homes. The Walls are coming down !!!! Love is spreading throughout the Holy Land. Imagine what's its like when we go to Hospitals with 400 people bringing gifts for the children. It moves the whole family. The child can never forget a person from Latin America, Africa or Oceania coming up to his bed side and praying for him and giving him a little gift from Chile. Hearts are touched by God and sometimes even healed.

Ambassadors for Peace from America, Europe and Asia. Sacrifice now. This is the "7th Day" of our historic March to end all boundaries and walls. We must go forward with Absolute Faith, Absolute Love and Absolute Obedience. This is the time when the Kingdom of God has already been secured. With each step we take in love we transform our families, our communities our nations and now the Middle East.

Sacrifice yourself and come to the Holy Land. Help every Ambassador for Peace to go to the Holy Land. Now is the time that peace can be realized.

Recently in Tel Aviv a very important Rabbi said to us, "Don't hesitate, you are changing the Holy Land. You are the only ones that have the power to actually bring Muslims, Christians and Jews together. When you do it, the nation will be healed and the people set free."

Brothers and Sisters - Don't hesitate - Now is the time that God is calling us to bring the great spirit of our nations to sacrifice for and bring love to the People of the Book, the people of the Holy Land. This is the Will of God.


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