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Breakthrough in Texas - Rev. and Mrs. Hayes - Leading The Way

Michael Jenkins
August 8, 2004

Dear Family,

History is unfolding before our eyes. I had the privilege of visiting our Texas ACLC leaders. The Rev. Dr. Bennit Hayes met the movement in an unusual way. Rev. Keyes an ACLC pastor was accompanying another pastor to a revival two years ago at the Gloryland Baptist Church. When Rev. Keyes walked in Rev. Hayes called to him from the pulpit from which he was speaking. He said, "Pastor, I know you, don't I." Pastor Keyes not having had any knowledge of knowing Pastor Hayes said, "No, I don't believe so." Then Rev. Hayes said, "What's your name?" Pastor Keyes replied Rev. Charles Keyes. Pastor Hayes said, "Charlie Keyes - Helicopter pilot, Viet Nam, Da Nang." Then Pastor Keyes remembered - he flew the mission that saved Rev. Hayes life. Rev. Hayes, was in a special unit that would go out to find out what happened to lost patrols. It was a very dangerous mission. He was a dangerous man, he had no fear and believed that America was worth fighting for. This time he was stuck in the bush and the mission deemed too dangerous for any pilot to go in. Captain Keyes volunteered and against all odds and saved Dr. Hayes life.

In that moment in the pulpit the two men became clear on their history. Rev. Keyes and Rev. Hayes bonded instantly. Rev. Keyes introduced Rev. Mark Hernandez to Pastor Hayes and they held the 144,000 Blessing in their church as a result in April 2004. Latter that year Rev. Hayes attended the Ocean City Workshop for clergy on "Who is Rev. Moon?" At Ocean City he learned of Rev. Moon's teaching that John the Baptist failed his mission. Quietly Pastor Hayes was disturbed by this and determined that he would leave Ocean City the next morning. However, that night while he slept he awakened with the words in his heart, "Read It !" He understood that the words that he felt meant he should read about John the Baptist. There late at night he read Matthew Chapter 11. Mt:11:1 - 12 : Verily I say unto you, Among them that are born of women there hath not risen a greater than John the Baptist: notwithstanding he that is least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he. And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force.

The lights went on. This is the truth and Jesus made it plain in the scriptures!! Pastor Hayes felt a strong sense that Father Moon was indeed sent by God. He bought 20 Divine Principle books and began to teach with the DP in his Bible Studies. The members understood. Finally in 2003 Minister Ethel Hayes, Rev. Hayes wife, went to the Divine Principle seminar held in Virginia with Muslims, Christians and Jews. It was very special. She also understood the teaching and got excited because she could now fully understand the joy with which her husband was testifying to his church and all the clergy in Houston about the unfolding of the Bible that the DP brings.

Subsequently, Pastor Hayes, Minister Hayes, Minister Price Carruthers, Minster Chellis all went to Israel. Pastor Hayes on numerous occasions. His courage in Viet Nam came back when he went to the Erez crossing in Gaza. When the America consulate warned that we may not survive Gaza and asked for our passport numbers so they could notify next of kin, Pastor Hayes testifies that it was at that moment he saw absolutely no fear in the eyes of the key ACLC leaders. It reminded him of leaders he met in Viet Nam, they were the ones who always survived. They gave up their lives and had no fear and yet they were the ones most protected. This resonated with Pastor Hayes spirit, he has no fear. He became one with Father Moon's ACLC movement. He knew this is the one that can challenge the divisions of the people of God and bring unity where there is no hope. Pastor Hayes knows Jesus, the real Jesus. The one that is with you when your life is on the line. The one that will not forsake you.

With that spirit Rev. Hayes began to fearlessly share the contents of the Divine Principle. When it came time to End the Era of the Cross his church, which has very strong membership both in spirit and in numbers, held a special ceremony to take down the cross. In it's place over the Baptismal he placed the Crown of the King and the Crown of the Queen - two crowns.

The Crowns are for the True Parents - Jesus and the Holy Spirit - for Father and Mother Moon and for all believers who receive the blessing of Marriage - they by receiving the blessing can now become True Parents themselves are now entering the age in which they also can receive their crowns. I Peter 5:4 says, "And when the chief Shepherd shall appear, ye shall receive a crown of glory that fadeth not away." The crown of glory has now been lifted up at Gloryland. Truly this church is pioneering a new level of fellowship for the Body of Christ and the preparation for the Second Coming.

Sunday morning Minister Chambers picked us up for Sunday service. The Bible and the DP were in her back seat. She said, "I read the "Principle" everyday." I love it, it gives so much insight into Jesus. I thought to myself, "Wow, Pastor Hayes ministry is really strong. The ministers of his church are studying very seriously."

When my wife and I arrived at Gloryland it was greater than the descriptions I had heard of before. A large church that is one city block and another deep that grew out of the original that Pastor Hayes organized in 1989. Rev. Shin and Rev. Hernandez and their wives as well as a number of families from Texas joined for the celebration. Minister Ethel Hayes was excited to assemble the ministerial staff with Rev. Shin and Mrs. Shin, Rev. Hernandez and my wife and I for a photo that she wanted placed in the America Clergy magazine. (The magazine of the ACLC).

Banquet halls, dining rooms, VIP rooms and the Sanctuary. All for the Glory of God. The Ministerial staff all wore traditional black with the clerical collars. They are serious about the Word. Pastor Hayes was excited beyond description. His DP book on his desk was frayed on the edges and his Bible well worn leather. He told me, "I'm reading the Principle everyday, its so exciting."

When the service began the Cathedral Choir of Gloryland did a special procession into the Sanctuary. 40 Voices lifted our hearts with traditional and powerful Gospel hymns. Then Mr. Jenkins who heads up the Gloryland marshal arts team brought out 20 young people who are studying Tae Kwon Do. A great demonstration was performed.

All of this was in celebration of the Pastors Anniversary. Rev. Daugherty was asked to open it on July 25th and I was asked to close it out. Dr. Hayes believes and trusts the ACLC. The young people demonstrated not only technical skill but great spirit. In a demonstration of self defense, the "attacker" was aptly prevented from any success in his attack. They are training the Mind, Body and spirit to allow these beautiful young people to reach their full potential as the sons and daughters of God.

The atmosphere was filled with joy, some of the demonstrations were done by grade schoolers who were just over 3 and one half feet tall. Mr. Gerald Jenkins as a 6' 2" trainer is a Master who is in excellent shape. The three plus footers didn't care. They faced him down and in some cases flipped him over !! It was a joy. Mr. Jenkins (my namesake) is a man of love and heart. The young people from grade school to college really enjoyed following him.

The congregation was uplifted. Discipline, training, heart and spirit were the formulas for a successful life. Pastor Hayes himself is a Seventh Degree Black belt from his time in the service. Now he says, I'm a spiritual black belt sent by the Lord to fight against evil. He smiled.

Another selection was offered by the Choir. I was so happy to see Rev. Tessie Willis our key ACLC Pastor from the Lighthouse Family Church of Faith, which she co-pastors with her husband. Rev. Willis drove 4 hours from Dallas to share in the ACLC Pastors Anniversary. Tessie is the one who went to Israel for 40 days last November - December. She has an amazing ability to touch religious leaders hearts. Imams, Rabbis and Christian leaders - her work did much to move the spirit in the Holy Land. Recently she testified to Father Moon at our National Press Conference concerning the Crown of Peace awards. The Baltimore Sun featured her testimony which stated that True Parents are on the cutting edge of teaching about purity before marriage and fidelity after marriage. She said, I follow Father Moon and am proud to be with the ACLC because "He's so bold about the teaching on the family and that the model of the family is that of man, woman and child." Rev. Willis was the first to volunteer to stay overnight in the Gaza strip with some pastors to bring love and understanding among the Family of Abraham. I'll never forget her peaceful spirit as a small contingent walked together to the Mediterranean Sea just 200 yards from the El Quds hotel in Gaza in which we stayed last December.

The local residents of Gaza were quite shocked to see black, white, Hispanic and Asian pastors joining hand to hand with Muslim clerics walking to the sea shore to pray. It is a new day in Gaza. Its a new time for humanity. Rev. Willis is on the National Executive Committee of the ACLC. We must realize that the Texas contingent of the ACLC is very strong. Rev. Hayes and Minster Hayes, Rev. Keyes and Rev. Willis and Rev. Jimmie Clarke are absolutely clear that Father Moon is the one whom God has called to bring the Kingdom. They know that Jesus is with him. Nothing can change it and from what I saw in Gloryland rapid growth through the churches is now beginning to occur.

Rev. Willis brought Rev. and Mrs. Powell with her. Sister Powell has been a key organizer for the WFWP for many years. She was excited to see her husband feel inspired about the ACLC spirit.

Just before I got up to speak Minister Ethel Hayes asked everyone to stand. She announced, I have an inspiration. Her husband smiled. All husbands and wives join hands she asked. This is a serious moment. The ministry has now taken on the central focus of bringing the grace of Jesus to the Family. The Blessing of the Marriage. The power and the protection of the Holy Spirit is now covering the marriage. Divorce will be no more. She wrapped a white cloth around the joined hands of she and her husband. She called for Rev. Hernandez to pray for the families. She shared so sincerely - my husband and I are joined together in the Lord and we are bound together in the love of Jesus. True Parents have brought the anointing of our family. We will never be broken apart. God is with us.

Rev. Hayes and Rev. Mark Hernandez introduced me. It was great. Such love and respect for the work that God is doing. It was unusual for me to preach before a congregation that is so well prepared and has studied so much. The ministers and the congregation have crossed the Jordan river in trust for the Pastor and knowing without question that Jesus sent Father and Mother Moon. I know now that many important Christian leaders are reading my testimonies in private and asking God sincerely, "Is this the hour of the coming of the Lord." Minister Hayes shared with me an interesting story, she and Rev. Maggie went to witness to an important pastor in Dallas, whose name is a household word. He is very open to ACLC and Minister Hayes. A group of ACLC women pastors are praying for him. They shared with me that he always welcomes them, knowing that we are with Father Moon. Many Christian leaders are receiving revelations about Rev. Moon. Those that are truly praying and sincerely seeking are hearing the tender voice of Jesus leading them to Father Moon. Those who are really sincere are deeply troubled by the culture of sin and self that is now challenging the very essence of faith and marriage. They don't feel the same power they once felt because they know that God is doing a new thing before history.

That's why this famous pastor said to the ACLC Women clergy - I'm interested because deep in my spirit I feel that Christianity has to wake up and catch up because God is moving on and His dispensation is not static and remaining where the majority of Christians are. God is moving beyond the walls of denomination and faith now. The traditional boundaries are gone, yet many Christians want to keep the boundaries up because they are not confident that their faith can do anymore than save the individual. However, this pastor believes that True Christianity created America, and True Christianity initiated the reconciliation between white and black in America. True Christianity is based on faith in Jesus and the practice of his love. Faith without practice yields a false Christianity. This false Christianity is the one that condones division, hatred and even (in the past) slavery.

This incredibly important Pastor in Dallas is looking closely at ACLC. I was quite surprised to hear this testimony. Thousands of Pastors are looking very closely. The time has come. When the Body of Christ unites together a new America will emerge. One that is true to its founding spirit.

The sermon was well received and Pastor and Minister Hayes and Rev. and Mrs. Keyes received the Blessing with Holy Wine that opens the door for a new covenant between the believers and God. The covenant that allows us to enter into the Fourth Israel.

Now the Blessing of 12 couples is being planned at Gloryland. Pastor and Sister Hayes will officiate. Pastor Hayes is bringing pastors to the light of the Gospel that God has revealed.

Gloryland is on the cutting edge of the Kingdom. Thank you Pastor Hayes and Minister Hayes. Gloryland has the power to transform the nation. Pastor Hayes, God has called you and your wife, your beautiful ministerial staff and the beloved congregation of Gloryland to lead the revival and renewal of America - so that America will be able to lead the world into the Peace Kingdom.

Glory to God. Glory to Gloryland!!

Thanks to our beloved Texas Family. After Gloryland I had a most inspiring chance to visit our Texas Family Church in Houston and members drove from all over the state to be with us. Rev. Shin, Rev. Hernandez, Rev. Lee and all of our beautiful brothers and sisters. One of our beautiful sisters Helen drove us around. Also, Ann Marie our Amb. To Korea just returned home after months of work in Korea. The Texas family is harvesting the fruits of unity and enormous sacrifice. They have given so much allow such great spiritual leaders to rise up.

Praise be to God. Praise be to Gloryland, Rev. and Minister Hayes, Rev. and Mrs. Keyes and all the Texas Family.

Rev. Michael Jenkins

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