The Words of the Jenkins Family

Completion Of 120-Days

Michael Jenkins
August 2, 2004

Dear Family,

We concluded our first 120 Witnessing Condition on July 29th. We are collecting the results of that effort. We will begin another 120-day condition starting from September 1st. The first 40 Days of the new 120-Day Condition will be from SEPTEMBER 1 - OCTOBER 10.

During the interim we will participate and support the 40 day witnessing condition initiated by True Parents through Rev. Sun Jo Hwang. (FFWPUI International Memo Attached from July 19.) The focus of the International Witnessing Effort is to Bless our Tribes preferably before the first anniversary of the creation of the Fourth Israel on August 20th.

The focus of the first 40-day period of our next 120 days will be to implement our Strategic Committee Plans and bring RESULTS. We want to focus on bringing members to join our church or sign membership as part of our Neighborhood community efforts. We want to give special attention to bringing full time members.

The results of the first 120 days are encouraging. The shift of focus on the providence (thanks to True Parents leading us), did not diminish (in most regions). The ACLC Prayer breakfasts and other Ambassadors for Peace Programs are essential to raise the leadership to guide America. The focus on Witnessing and Education is essential to developing our foundation to bless families and strengthen the spiritual lives of the people who are called by God. A New atmosphere of teaching and education was initiated in which a significant number of people joined our Family Movement in North America. We are assessing the results now. Thanks for your faith and the implementation of your plans to bring new members to the Family Movement.

With the Love of our True Parents,


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