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The Elder Son Nation Is Called To Israel - America Will Bring 500 To Israel

Michael Jenkins
August 1, 2004

Dear Family,

Dr. Yang and I have been given the responsibility under Rev. Kwak and the IIFWP International to oversee a great effort to bring all the nations of the world represented by the Ambassadors for Peace to the Holy Land. 500 from each of the 7 continents are going every two weeks. America must bring 500 from September 10 - 23.

America is taking a central coordinating role in this responsibility because of the reconciliation that occurred through the crowning of Jesus on December 22nd and the barriers that were internally removed between the first and second Israel. The reconciliation on December 22nd also included Christians proclaiming that Muhammad is God's prophet and Muslims honoring Moses and proclaiming oneness with the Jewish family. Therefore the way for Jewish, Christian and Muslim reconciliation and forgiveness has now emerged. The age of conversion is now over. We now become one through becoming one in heart finding the common ground within our respective traditions and through the collective blessing of families through their own religious leaders. This has opened the way for huge transformation in the Middle East and throughout the world. America, representing the Elder Son Nation and the Second Israel is now responsible to embrace and uplift the Jewish and Muslim family. This is why America now must play a central role. Therefore two key things are required: 1) 40 Members of a Peace Task Force must be assembled immediately to join a complimentary contingent from Japan and Korea. 2) Each continent must bring 500 Ambassadors for Peace to the Holy Land. America must lead the way. Therefore we call on every American to rise to the challenge to bring peace in the Middle East. As mentioned above, the American group will go from September 10 - 23rd. (Details on the costs and registration process can be found on the website.)

Former and Current heads of state, Religious leaders (Muslim, Christian and Jewish), Professors and key leaders arrive next week from Africa and Oceania. Members of Parliament and many other people of influence are bringing the Interreligious and International Peace Council (as a Peace UN) to the Holy Land to help bring the family of Abraham together.

America is being asked to bring 500 (perhaps 800). True Parents emphasized with Dr. Yang the importance of linking all the nations and their key leaders in a supportive way with the Peace Process. We have been welcomed by Rabbis, Muslim Clerics and key professors. The bonding of heart is most beautiful.

Please organize and work centering on your Regional headquarters and Strategic committees (WFWP, ALC, ACLC, CARP, Tribal Messiah, Business and other communities) to fulfill our responsibility at this time. Please network with those who went before and have them bring their colleagues.

Like the time when Joshua went around the city 7 times, this World Peace Pilgrimage is considered to be the "Seventh" effort to walk around the walls that divide God's people. We believe that through the reconciliation that comes in the heart between Ishmael and Isaac helped by the Women of Peace who stand as mothers, that the healing will take place that will eliminate the need for walls and barriers and the gateway to peace will open.

Blessed Families, brothers and sisters, each region has a goal and we are mainly encouraging Ambassadors for Peace, WFWP Women and ACLC Clergy to go. Very reasonable rates have been established.

Once again, you can get all the detailed information from the website at the top which has a banner entitled World Peace Pilgrimage.

We are fulfilling each step of the providence. Now all of the Blessed Families in America are needed to support and participate in fulfilling the direction of heaven.

Thanks America.


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