The Words of the Jenkins Family

Message From Reverend Jenkins At CPL

Michael Jenkins
July 31, 2004

Dear Family,

Last week I had the opportunity to visit Chung Pyung. Dae Mo Nim and the Chung Pyung staff were very pleased with the Western response to Chung Pyung workshops. For the first time since its inception the Western participation outnumbered that of the Far East.

Especially our Second Generation. Over 250 are there now doing their daily prayers on the mountain side and reading and studying the Word of God. I had a chance to meet our second generation and many of our Western women.(Members of western countries represent all races but are considered Western members). I want to say I was deeply inspired by their spirit and heart. A large number of Western Blessed Wives were participating. Many, Many from America. This made Dae Mo Nim feel that America's fortune is really rising. Both North and South America. Also, the same goes for Down Under and all of Europe. Europe is going through an amazing revolution in spirit. The European members have broken the chains of history and are creating a new progressive movement of faith in all of Europe. When I asked the Europeans to stand up their numbers were significant.

Why is Chung Pyung important?

In provides the opportunity to study in depth the word of God as well as to seek spiritual renewal through purification and rededication. It's in the mountains and is one of the most healthy environments possible. Walking 30 minutes up the gentle mountain path gives the majority of participants the chance to get back in shape. Also, it opens the door for the blessing of our ancestors. They are then made part of your lineage with your family as the Tribal "Messiah". Without this condition of leading them to the blessing of marriage their families cannot relate with you in the central role as the central ancestor of your family.

In this age of An Shi Il and the time of Settlement and Attendance, our first responsibility at this time is to bring the Cheon Il Guk blessing to our families and relatives. Father's guidance on this is simple. No matter how much your family has opposed your ministry in the past, due to the Blessing of your ancestors and the support of Jesus and the Myriads promised in the Bible, your authority and power, through the Chung Pyung experience becomes greatly multiplied and developed. Through the support of Heaven and that of our ancestors you can bring such a positive transformation in your family now.

Father would like to see the Blessing of our relatives be accomplished on the order of the 36, 72, 120, 430 and so forth. To the Ambassadors for Peace he asked that they go back and bless 360 families amoung their families and colleagues. The Blessing is a universal condition that allows the Holy Spirit to strengthen and bind a marriage between the man and woman in a way that is different from the past. It allows heaven's protection from divorce and temptations of infidelity. It also signifies the engrafting into the lineage of God thus reversing the curse is described in the Bible from the Fall of Adam and Eve.

Jesus brought grace for the individual and promised his return. Now that return is occuring in this age and he is working through Rev. and Mrs. Moon as the True Parents to bring that grace beyond the individual to the family.

The fourth Israel has now been created and consists of all who receive this blessing including, Muslims, Christians, Jews and all the races and religions of man. The age of conversion has yielded to the age of becoming one family through the fulfillment of the religious traditions that we have been voluntarily called to.

Our Western women and Youth are showing a new dimension to the attitude of faith that America and the Western world has. It was the kind of faith that "founded" America. One that trusts that our desiny is in the hands of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.


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