The Words of the Jenkins Family

True Parents Are Leading Us

Michael Jenkins
July 25, 2004

Dear Family,

True Parents are leading us with absolute victory and confidence. The outpouring of support from Religious, Academic and Civic leaders here makes us realize that Father's support is actually growing in depth and in terms of heart from key leaders in the world.

In the midst of increased media attention the confidence in these leaders that are here from 120 countries very encouraging.

I sincerely ask that all our families and leaders move forward toward the fulfillment of our work and purpose with increased devotiong and confidence. The Fourth Israel is walking the same course as the First Israel.

However, history is being rewritten, the key religious and political leaders that have advocated Father's work for World Peace and the Strengthening of families have actually become stronger through this process. In the past history, the very closest to the Lord at the time of trial, said, "I don't know him." Now they say, "He's my man." and that Father Moon is the one who can bring reconciliation where no other has.

My beloved brothers and sisters. Please give all your heart to come to the Middle East when it is the time for your continent. Miracles are happening there as we speak. We are so close to fulfilling all that God desires to see his family reconciled.

Have faith. God is with us.


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