The Words of the Jenkins Family

Message From Holy Land

Michael Jenkins
July 23, 2004

Dear Family,

The World Peace Pilgrimage is conducting a successful tour of the Holy Land with representatives of 33 nations of Latin America. It is truly a moving experience to see the flags of each nation proudly waving as we visited the Western Wall and Al Aqsa Mosque. We offered prayers for peace in each holy site including the Garden of Gethsemane. We are grateful for Father Moon's incredible wisdom on how to "heal" and bring together the people of the Holy Land. Rev. Kwak and Dr. Yang are guiding us.

It is an amazing moment in history. We spent time with key Rabbi's representing the great faith of Judaism as well as the central Imam's (Sheikhs) of Al Aqsa Mosque. God is moving through this effort. Following the fundamental teaching of the IIFWP and the IIPC that an Interreligious Council or body is necessary to support the political efforts for peace, our primary concentration is on reaching the key religious leaders through our Pilgrimage. This spirit and movement has been developed through many pilgrimages and is now being designed and developed with the support of Dr. Walsh and the MEPI Committee. All this has enormous value in helping us "Live for the Sake of Others". Truly, when people come from all around the world to "help" it is moving. We are also working on reconciliation of Jews, Muslims and Christians as well as bringing substantial change in the "spirit" and "heart" of the Holy Land.

The former Prime Minister of Barbados and Haiti as well as the Prefector for Greater Lima, Peru gave messages of greetings and support for the resolution of conflict between Palestine and Israel. They had meetings with key leaders. This will be a key part of our effort. The coordination of all the Ambassadors for Peace coming to meet the religious community, and elected leaders and Ambassadors for Peace in the Holy Land. Dr. Antonio Betancourt is the Secretary General of the Middle East Peace Initiative World Peace Pilgrimage. He is the central person for all coordination of our efforts there. Mr. Hod Ben Zvi is doing a tremendous job working with Antonio. He is working to make the incredible impact on the leadership of the Holy Land through our VIP's. True Parents trained him for this for 30 years. This will bring hope to all communities.

Religious leaders in Nazareth marched through this special city with the Message of Peace and the celebration banquet including a Blessing of Marriage for key leaders. The Latin American spirit brings a warmth and love to the Holy Land as well as a tremendous inspiration that the whole world in now coming to the City of Peace, Jerusalem to help support the people of the Abrahamic faiths to guide the city to be the central example of peace in the world.

This is just a simple overview - the impact of every nation on earth coming to the Holy Land has enormous meaning. The Pilgrimages are a restoration of the religious pilgrimages of history that brought domination and blood shed. We are called to bring Reconciliation and Life !!!!God is Great. Peace, Shalom, Salaam Alaikam.

With Love,


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