The Words of the Jenkins Family

World Peace Pilgrimage

Michael Jenkins
July 14, 2004

FROM: Rev. Michael Jenkins
RE: World Peace Pilgrimage to Israel
DATE: July 14, 2004.

Dear Family,

The World Peace Pilgrimage for the U.S. to Israel will begin on September 12 - 25. Because this is a 14 Day (13 night) Pilgrimage the fee will be approximately $2000. Some have asked why this is higher than our past pilgrimages. The reason: The past pilgrimages were 7 days for $1600. (This is 14 days).

The fixed pricing for the 14 day (13 night) stay is $1000 dollars which will cover all hotel, meals and tours. Some additional incidental fees may still be needed. We estimate the $1000 to be the cost for airfare. TOTAL: $2000. This is an estimate. It could be higher or lower. Hopefully we will get a discount. We will give an update soon.

There will be a special VIP package for Clergy and Ambassadors for Peace that will be from September 12 - 19. This will be for a reduced cost of $1600 including airfare, hotel, meals and tours. (some incidentals may not apply). (STILL AN ESTIMATE). Online registration will begin this week.

Thank You.


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