The Words of the Jenkins Family

The Time for Understanding - The Press Conference

Michael Jenkins
July 7, 2004

Dear Family,

The support is growing rapidly. This has given us the chance in history to finally clear up all the misunderstanding surrounding Father Moon. We are so grateful to God for this opportunity to stand in faith. We are making many new friends in the press. Once they see us and hear the facts they change and come to understanding.

We deeply appreciate Archbishop Stallings, Imam Sallahudin, Rev. Fauntroy and Rabbi David Ben Ami, Rev. Tessie Willis as well as all the other men and women of faith and Ambassadors for Peace.

See the Rigtheous American Leaders from all faiths and races standing with Father Moon. They are standing together for Peace in The Middle East and standing with the many statesmen who refuse to be separated from our work because of people's limited understanding or prejudice. They feel the spirit of Lord is with us.

The address to the website that has Video of the Press Conference is listed below. Go there and receive inspiration.

In Jesus Love,

Rev. Michael Jenkins

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