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Happy Fourth of July !!! FINAL

Michael Jenkins
July 4, 2004

Dear Family,

During this holiday we sincerely pray that you will have a wonderful and meaningful time with your family. This is also a time in which we are reminded of the founding of America.

This great nation was forged through the sacrifice of the Pilgrims and the religious spirit they brought. I am here in Boston and preparing for Sunday Service with our Boston Area Family Church. The Spirit of "76" is rich here in Boston. Always greatness appears when under attack. So it was with the Boston Massacre on March 5, 1770. The first man to die for liberty was Crispus Attucks. The first to give his life for America was a black man. 5 men died on that day, several others were wounded. The bodies of Attucks and Caldwell lay in state at Faneuil Hall; those of Gray and Maverick lay in their homes. Patrick Carr died 9 days latter. For the funeral the city turned out with thousands in the procession. Shops closed, church bells rang as the walked to the Old Granary Burial Ground where the bodies were committed to a common grave. Until the signing of the Declaration of Independence, Boston memorialized their deaths on March 5 as "Crispus Attucks Day." It was the spirit of the men and their willingness to challenge evil that moved the hearts of the people. Paul Revere made a woodcut of the incident and kept it as to mark this moment the history of America.

On April 20, 1775 the siege of Boston began. Here in Boston, On June 16, 1775, the greatness of America took the world stage when humble Patriots formed to protect Boston at Charlestown at Bunker (and Breed's) Hill. They repeatedly turned back the most powerful army on earth. ( Colonel William Prescott led the Patriots, Governor Gage directed the effort for the British through General Howe. The Governor had heard that the patriots were assembling to challenge the most powerful army on earth. He didn't think much of it. Though he was urged to do something on the night of June 16 he decided that it must be Patriot sentries making noise. He decided to wait until morning. Colonel Prescott and his men worked through the night fortifying their positions and when dawn broke the British couldn't believe their eyes. Their fortifications were significant. The attacks on the hills began with bombardments with artillery from ships. (most fell short but shook up many of the Patriots). Some of the artillery did damage. The Red Coats marched on the hill and were repeatedly repelled twice. Due to the lack of ammunition it is said that one of the commanders told the patriots, "Don't fire until you see the whites of their eyes." Peter Salem, a black man has been recorded in this history as being one of the heroes of Bunker Hill.

The losses on the side of the Red Coats were more than two and one half times that of the patriots and though they eventually had to yield the hill because they ran out of ammunition the word spread throughout the colonies that the Patriots had seriously challenged the British. This battle proved that the Patriots could challenge the tyranny of the oppressor. This gave the patriots great will and hope while the British were infused with doubt concerning the cost of a war with the patriots. This is part of the spirit of America, this is the spirit of Boston.

The idea of considering a time that the Colonies would not be dominated by Tyranny was seen as a joke. The battle won that day was won in the spirit. The prophet Zechariah said (Zechariah 4:6) "Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the LORD of hosts."

As we celebrate this Fourth of July in which the Declaration of Independence was signed, let us be reminded of the courage and sacrifice of God's people that set the condition for such a Declaration. We are now forming a "new" America in which the tyranny of immorality and family breakdown will be overcome. It is not by might or by power but by "The Spirit" of the Lord that we will triumph.

As with the founding of this great nation, at this time African American political and religious leaders are standing with Rev. Moon and are among the first to give themselves for the will of heaven with a vision for not only a new America but a new world in which all of God's children would sit together as one family at the banquet table of peace before the Lord. A "new" America is now being formed by the spirit and the heart of God's people who stand with our True Parents. Let us be encouraged and Stand and all of heaven will pour down to support you. Based on the victory of our True Parents a new America is being born through you.

Happy Fourth of July,

Thanks America.


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