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American Leaders Support Rev Moon

Michael Jenkins
July 2, 2004

Dear Family,

A former Congressman from Washington D.C. who is current Pastor of New Bethel Baptist Church and noted Civil Rights leaders the Rev. Dr. Walter Fauntroy strongly advocated the work of Rev. Moon at the National Press Club on Wednesday. He was joined by myself and the Archbishop George A. Stallings of Imani Temple who is the National Co-Convener of ACLC. We were also joined by many Muslim, Jewish and Christian Religious leaders gave incredible for support for True Parents and the March 23rd Crown of Peace Awards. Dr. Joshua Ben Ami and Father Hatoum came from the Middle East and also testified to the effectiveness of the work for Peace of IIFWP.

It was very exciting to see the religious leaders, after having read all the various news reports, become more confident than ever in Father's work and Mission.

Here is the statement I made to the Press. Also the statements of the Rev. Dr. Walter Fauntroy and Bishop Stallings will be available. The Family Federation website has a link to video of the press conference.

The ACLC is incredibly strong now. The Ambassadors for Peace of the IIFWP USA are organizing in all 50 states. We will carry this message of Peace and Reconciliation across America. We are very excited that there has been such an increase of support and enthusiasm from our friends and allies. These men and women of faith are absolutely confident that this is the moment that God has given us.


Rev. Michael Jenkins
Family Federation for World Peace and Unification

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