The Words of the Jenkins Family

Rabbis, Imams And Pastors

Michael Jenkins
June 29, 2004

Dear Family,

Such a significant body of clergy have gathered representing the American Clergy Leadership Conference. They are affirming their full support for True Parents.

Each step we take is guided by God. They were deeply inspired by the presentations we made concerning the Media reports of the March 23rd events.

Archbishop Stallings, Rabbi Ben Ami, Bishop C. Phillip Johnson, Rev. Rawls, Imam Jamii, Imam Sallahuhudin are creating a group that will be ready to work with your Ambassadors for Peace and Clergy in all 50 States.

They are clear and without reservation that God has called us them for this hour. The key issue at this time is the unity of Christian, Muslim and Jewish leaders. Many of these clergy are testifying that Father Moon is the only one that is truly bringing all three together. Not only in America but directly in the Middle East.

The Rabbi's are particularly inspired. One Rabbi said today, "Father Moon is teaching exactly what is correct. That there is one God who is the one Father of us all. Therefore this is the time of the Messiah."

Thanks America.


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