The Words of the Jenkins Family

Crown of Peace Media Coverage

Michael Jenkins
June 24, 2004

Dear Family,

There has been significant media coverage of the Crown of Peace Awards event on March 23rd. We are very grateful for the leadership of Archbishop Stallings and civil rights leaders Rev. Milton Reid and Rev. Dr. Fauntroy and many others for their confidence and conviction in Father and Mother Moon's Life of Peace and the anointing that God has given them.

Also, Congressman Davis, the Co-Chairman of the IIFWP USA has demonstrated incredible character, integrity and courage to stand without hesitation on his conviction that this work of peace, based on the reconciliation of Christians, Muslims and Jews, must go forward. On this basis - the work of peace and the reconciliation of the Abrahamic faiths - he has continued to affirm his friendship and trust in Father Moon's efforts for peace. The Congressman has known Father Moon for many years. Hundreds of clergy in the Chicago area are standing firmly in support of Congressman Davis, Bishop Stallings and Rev. Fauntroy.

Many Ambassadors for Peace are rising now to stand with them.

This is a great time in history in which God our Parent is calling all people to love others beyond boundaries of race, religion or ethnicity, and to lift up the sanctity of marriage and the centrality of family. This is the time for those who understand that God has ordained this hour that black, white, hispanic, asian, brown and Indian can walk together for the Kingdom of God. This is the time when all people of faith - Jews, Christians and Muslims - can recognize and share together their love for the one God of all - the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The God of the Torah, Koran and the Bible. This is the time when Jesus' love for all humanity is made manifest through our refusal to be divided by those who undermine the unity of races and faiths.

CNN, the NY Times, and CBS and ABC National News are covering this historic event now. Please watch this history unfold when men and women of faith stand strong for goodness and righteousness.

Please pray sincerely at this time. Pray for America and her leaders, that our nation may see from God's viewpoint and understand the time in which we live. Pray that men and women of righteousness like Archbishop Stallings, Congressman Danny Davis and Rev. Fauntroy can be strengthened and encouraged. Pray for our detractors, especially John Gorenfeld, that they might be touched by God's spirit, and that they be able to glimpse the anguish of God's heart for the troubled family of humankind.


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