The Words of the Jenkins Family

Historic Healing

Michael Jenkins
June 15, 2004

Dear Family,

Last night my wife and I had the opportunity to share dinner at the home of Rev. Zagary and Fumi Oliver. Also joining us were Rev. Constantin David (Originally from Benin) and Rev. Henry Mungai (originally from Kenya). Also Minister Angelica Selle joined the dinner.

The main purpose of our sharing was to understand a new movement that has been started by Unificationist and other Christian leaders called "JAMII AFRICA".

They have a beautiful website which is

My wife and I were deeply moved by what was shared this evening. This is a profound manifestation of the fact that the curtain has been opened between heaven and earth and all of our ancestors are coming down to participate with us in realizing God's Kingdom. However, as they come down a lot also has to be resolved to all for the restoration of history.

Part of that restoration is unfolding in a way that is most needed. The leaders from Africa are seeking to reconcile with the African American brothers and sisters as historically there was betrayal and brothers were sold into slavery by their own brothers. The white man took advantage of this division and exploited the people. All of this must be resolved and restored. Noting the difference and the division between the brothers and sisters of Africa and the brothers and sisters of African descent in America the President of Benin, which was noted for slave trade, felt that repentance and reconciliation had to be initiated from Africa. While this was occuring our Unfication leaders were receiving the same inspiration and JAMII AFRICA was formed. JAMII is Zwahili for "Family". The reconciliation of the family is now being initiated. This in turn can open the door for the white brothers and sisters to repent and be forgiven.

Starting with President of Benin who was moved several years ago to host American clergy and political leaders - a ceremony was held to begin the process. Rev. Oliver shared along with Rev. Mungai many of the testimonies of this effort. Rev. Oliver showed a powerful video (BBC or similar in quality) of a documentary done on the conference held in Benin. It has very important implications. Featured in the video was the President and others from Benin repenting for this sad history and American clergy like Rev. Perrin from Washington D.C. receiving the apology and saying " All is Forgiven" let's move on from here.

The work of Jamii first came to my attention in an "End of the Era of the Cross" seminar put on by the ACLC of Baltimore with Rev. Howard and Rev. St. George Crosse and our Washington/ Baltimore ACLC Community led by Bishop C. Phillip Johnson, Rev. McCarthy. It was a beautiful program. I had no idea that the ending would have a special part in the program that would call for African Christian leaders to come forward and repent to their brothers and sisters who were Americans of African descent.

Brothers and sisters, this was a very meaningful and profound moment. It was very moving and powerful. Then in Rev. Olivers home in an incredible discussion and spirit that followed I was awakened to another aspect of God's work of restoration. (Also Fumi, Rev. Oliver's wife, prepared a 7 course meal that was world class immensely delicious - it gave confirmation of the love in their family).

This work can open the door for African, African Americans and white brothers and sisters to repent and be healed. It is a process. Our history is profoundly sad and we have not restored it yet. I thank God for the leaders of JAMII and the heart with which they are seeking to allow the ancestors which we are now seeking to bless to be comforted and liberated. This is the work of God. For all of us to fulfill our role as Tribal Messiah's we must also establish our Tribe both in the spiritual world and through reconciliation on earth. The spirit of love, the presence of True Parents was so strong there last night at Rev. Olivers. I am moved to repent again and again. There is nothing more to say but that I am grateful to God to allow me to be part of this family and to experience the heart of the ancestors seeking to overcome the pain and come together as God desires.

Rev. Mungai brought it to another level. He said, to be liberated we must be filled with love and liberated from our resentment. He then shared his testimony of the fact that his grandfather had been brutally murdered by evil people. He then shared how he had to overcome his anger and resentment toward these people. It is real and it is not simple. God is working through this movement.

Brothers and Sisters - please support this effort -- they will have a program on June 27th to raise funds. On July 29 - August 7 they have been invited by the President of Benin as special guests along with many key ACLC leaders like Rev. Daugherty and many others. The President invited them to be a special part of the annual program he holds to heal the division of the "family".

I am grateful for my brothers and their wives for responding to God's call. Isn't it time that we set all things straight? True Parents are manifesting the Peace Kingdom and this is healing the hearts of all humanity.

I pray that the journey to Benin will open the flood gates of healing for all of God's children.

Thanks be to God and to all people of faith.

Thanks to our African and African American brothers and sisters, leaders and ACLC clergy who responded to True Parents call and have protected Father every step of the way. There is no question that this particular family suffered more than any other and continues to do so, however in that suffering Jesus love was manifested for all enemies and therefore those who suffered the most became the source of healing to the world.


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