The Words of the Jenkins Family

European Family Rising

Michael Jenkins
June 9, 2004

Dear Family,

The last trip to Israel had many different aspects to it. Key to Father's work is the fact that former enemy nations work together as one family. I was deeply moved by Tina Combs and our Peace Task Force members from 7 nations. They sacrificed and gave their hearts and True Parents love to bring healing to the Middle East.

One experience that I had was particularly moving was seeing our European family. One morning I could go visit them for Hoon Dok Hae. I really want to say that the European family is in a revolutionary mode. They are hot. Mrs. Song (the wife of Rev. Song the continental director) led the way. Also the committment from first generation and second generation together was very beautiful. England, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria and many, many European countries. The Eastern European countries also are becoming very strong. Having German ancestors, mixed with Irish, English and Welsh I felt stirred in my soul. The Peace Kingdom is coming. After all the whole protestant reformation that God brought forth which gave birth to America started from Germany. Could a new reformation be beginning again.With this spirit we will resolve the sad history of our forefathers and bring with us the best of their sacrifices to heal the Middle East and then on to the 38th Parallel.

I see the evidence of this new spirit everywhere I go. In Yeosu the European family was incredibly vibrant for True Parents during the evening entertainment. When I went to Chung Pyung our European sisters were among the first to greet me and let me know that there is no sacrifice that is too great to bring God's Kingdom. Gudrun Mobo and Ann Lichner stood strong at Chung Pyung to move heaven and earth.

Rev. Song is absolutely creating a new movement. True Parents are proud of this great spirit. There is an energy there that has no barriers or boundaries. God is working in the European movement. God is alive in the nations who were once enemies. Push on Europe, push hard and the gates of God's Kingdom will swing wide open.

The Peace Kingdom is our destiny. Thank you to the European Family.


Rev. Michael Jenkins

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