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The Central Providence : Ahn Shi Il - Witnessing and Education

Michael Jenkins
June 6, 2004

Dear Family,

Our central focus on Witnessing and Education are directly linked to the providence behind Ahn Shi Il. There are two components of responsibility that Father is emphasizing to fulfill our path as Tribal Messiahs at this time.

1. The Cain Tribe: This is Tong Ban Kyok Pa or (breakthrough on the Neighborhood level). It has to do with Blessing and educating your home church (360) and associates that you relate to in your mission and work. This also is the foundation to fulfill the conditions necessary for stability in our blessed family - spiritual children and a stable environment of support for the Blessed Central Family. We all must have three spiritual children to restore the requirement of A & E with the three archangels in the Garden. Because they couldn't bring the proper order with the three then the family was not achieved. Because Jesus three disciples could not unite with him in heart and substance Jesus went the way of the cross. The reason behind Jesus not having a family is directly linked to the three disciples not having united with him.

2. The Abel Tribe: This is most central and is repeatedly emphasized by True Parents. This is why all our foundation and church organizations were completely turned upside down in Korea. Everyone was sent back to the hometown due to the urgency of this central responsibility. We must embrace, bless and educate our relatives and immediate family. This is absolutely essential for our families fulfillment in the role of Blessed Central Family and Tribal Messiah. We should bless our relatives with the Cheon Il Guk Holy Wine and bring about a transformation in our family. This is why Chung Pyung becomes a central component for fulfillment. Through Chung Pyung our ancestors are liberated and blessed and free to fully work with us. Therefore massive and rapid changes can occur within our own families at this time. (We should not use our past experience as a reference - we did not have the free support of our ancestors and the same conditions as we have now. The support of the spiritual realm and especially our ancestors release the Heavenly Fortune.)

This dispensation has unfolded based on the Coronation of our True Parents and the proclamation of the fulfillment of the Sabbath. On True Parents Day, April 19th Father proclaimed that the Sabbath has now been fulfilled and that it is expanded in that everyday is now the Sabbath.

Also he called for a new history to depart from the old "restoration" history. Therefore the tradition necessary during the restoration course is not the same as that required for Kingdom building. Our tradition is being elevated to the course for building the Peace Kingdom. Father proclaimed that Pledge Service will now be held on every eighth day. This is for a new beginning in history. The first day of this new tradition of "eighth day" Pledge was held on April 19th (True Parents Day), the second on April 27th, then the third on May 5th. May 5th was declared as the first Ahn Shi Il.

The First Ahn Shi Il (Day of Settlement and Attendance): On May 5th at Yeosu, Father declared the first Ahn Shi Il. He proclaimed that the pre Millennial era referred to in the scriptures ended and a the Millennial Reign of the Lord began on this day. Father's authority to change the Sabbath is rooted in the fact that he is the "Lord" or master of the Sabbath. In Matthew Chapter 12 we read that the Pharisees challenged Jesus concerning his disciples plucking corn on the Sabbath complaining that Jesus allowed his disciples to do that which was not lawful. In Matthew 12:8 Jesus explains his authority to open a new tradition saying "For the Son of Man is Lord even of the Sabbath." On this day, May 5th, the era changed from the pre millennial "era before heaven" to the millennial reign of the Lord or "era after the coming of heaven." Originally, centering on Jesus, the "era before Jesus (B.C.)" and the "era after Jesus (A.D.)" should have combined; but Jesus was crucified, and it was not fulfilled. True Parents stand in the position to restore this through indemnity.

2nd Ahn Shi Il (May 13, 2004):

Each Ahn Shi Il is setting the conditions necessary for the Kingdom of God and its eternal expansion. Reconciliation of divided families is essential for this eternal foundation and the Fatherland must be the center of this process. Therefore Father set the condition with representatives of two Korean provinces that historically have not been united. Father held the "Rally for the Harmony and Unification of Yeong-nam and Ho-nam" (two provinces in Korea) on May 13, the second Ahn Shi Il. Yeong-nam is another name of Keong-sang-do, and Ho-nam is another name of Cheol-ra-do. Historically, the relationship between Keong-sang-do and Cheol-ra-do has not been good. People of each region have hated each other. The rally started with 4,300 members from Yoeng-nam and Ho-nam regions. Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak read messages from the spirit world and then gave a lecture about the way of unification of Yeong-nam and Ho-nam regions and the unification of North and South Korea. Father gave a speech titled "What is the Origin of Unification and Harmony?" saying," The origin (God) is the treasure which never changes for tens of thousands of years. If it is visible, people will struggle with each other in order to get it. If Yeong-nam and Ho-nam try to unite with each other by themselves, it is difficult; but True Parents, the savior, the Messiah, can help them to be united with each other; it is possible. Everything will be solved in this way."

3rd Ahn Shi Il (May 21, 2004):

True Parents hosted the "Declaration Rally for Absolute Values for the Sake of Harmony and Unification," which was held on the third Ahn Shi Il in Yeosu, with a gathering of 15,000 participants. On a very beautiful and shiny day, father spoke to the people with the title "Declaration of the Absolute Values for the Sake of Harmony and Peace." He said, "We have to complete the family with true love by which we can sacrifice and devote ourselves for the sake of others, and with the absolute value that we can become the owner of love only with my object partner. Then we need to extend the family to the level of society, nation, and cosmos. This is the core thought of the ideal kingdom in the "era after the coming of heaven" (Hoo Cheon Shidae). So, we cannot live just freely as we like." The foundation for the True Family being realized in our own family is that we must conform to the tradition and laws of heaven. This is essential for the providence of God. This directly links to our family restoration and the development of our Cain and Abel Tribes.


The fourth and fifth Ahn Shi Ils have now been completed. We must truly understand who are True Parents are and not allow the "realities" of the world to dominate our thinking concerning the possibilities for the Kingdom at this time. The "realities" of this world are not simply in the hands of Man alone but are determined by the providence of God and the fulfillment of the responsibility of Man. Without knowing God's providence man is buffeted by history, knowing God's providence we can, by fulfilling our Portion of Responsibility, determine the course and direction of history.

The key to overcoming the problems we face in our marriages, families (with our children), our tribes (Cain and Abel), in our communities, nation and the world - are to be found in fulfilling our own personal responsibility and believing in and attending the Lord. Through our faith in True Parents (on the individual level) unifying our mind and body we can at the same time advance the unity of our marriages, our families and expand to the world level. When I see Father addressing everything from the Middle East to the 38th Parallel, the one thing that is absolutely clear. Father himself and True Mother have overcome personally and directly every obstacle. Still, though they have fulfilled they are doing the 5 am Hoon Dok Hae every morning without fail. Their strength and standard gives us strength. Father said that we should pound our bodies and put them through the fires of Hoon Dok Hae setting a tradition that our children and family will point too for generations. When asked in the future - how did your family come to have such great fortune? - our descendants will speak of our lifestyle and sacrifice in setting the tradition for our tribe. Is it difficult? Anything of value is difficult and requires sacrifice. They key to our family and tribal fulfillment centers on the Blessed Central Families realizing that they were chosen from the billions of people to be the ones that God can count on. Without that realization, we will just try to do our best. If we understand that generations are coming behind us and depending upon our foundation and tradition, then we can gain the power to overcome. This is Father's thinking for himself. Father's lifestyle is the absolute pattern and model. If we live as True Parents live we will find power to unify our families and bring this Peace Kingdom out into our communities.

When we become the shining light of purity and True Love, people's original minds will be drawn to us. It is spiritual law. We must truly come to be one with True Parents. Father never makes any excuse for himself - he just sets the standard and keeps it. The key battle ground for us in witnessing and education is to unite our mind and body as one allowing God's love to flow and magnify through us to all humanity. Let us determine without hesitation that this path is the path that we will overcome and complete.

Blessed Central Husbands and Wives and maturing Second Generation - Let Your Light Shine and let the Love of God Flow Through your unified Mind and Body as a Tidal Wave of Love and Purity. The Middle East and the 38th Parallel are being transformed by the Love of True Parents. We will see the Peace Kingdom rise with each step that we take.



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