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Many Have Applied But Only A Couple Will Be Chosen - American To Walk For Peace

Michael Jenkins
June 6, 2004

Dear Family,

A historic Journey is now occurring across America. Several brothers have applied to be part of this "Walk for Peace". Father and son teams are welcome.

Please don't miss this historic chance if you feel called to be the American representative to be the key team to drive across America. You will drive across America as our brother from Japan sets a condition of repentance and renewal for all providential nations.

All generations welcome. Should be a U.S. Citizen, speak excellent English (you will meet a lot of policemen along the way and need to work with them for permissions), a valid drivers license and good character for harmonizing Korea, Japan and America.

Send your reply to The next phase will begin from Reno tomorrow. - Reno to Denver --- and beyond.



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