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Chung Pyung - 40 Day Blessed Wives WS

Michael Jenkins
June 4, 2004

Dear Blessed Wives and Youth of the Family Movement,

On March 24th after the Coronation of our True Parents, Father emphasized that the role of women is now central in the dispensation. As part of the providence for Women to fulfill, True Parents have asked all blessed wives to go to Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth International Training Center for 40 Days. The next 40 Day course begins on June 5.

Also, Dae Mo Nim would like to invite all high school and college age young people. The next workshop begins on June 5th. Though it is advised to attend during the dates planned for each session Dae Mo Nim has permitted participants to come later and stay for 40 days from the day they begin. Therefore you can adjust your schedule to fit your summer vacation from school as well as your work or mission requirements.

Please pray and let God guide you as to how to fulfill this historic process. Through this course you and your spouse will open the door for generations of your family to be blessed and empowered to directly participate with you in the providence. This is a most profound opportunity. During his 7 hour address last year on June 1st Father brought Hoon Mo Nim before all of us and asked the key leaders if we believed in and understood the importance of Chung Pyung. Father said, "Chung Pyung is very important. Hoon Mo Nim recognized first the value of what Father was talking about. Without cleansing your ancestors sin, you cannot move forward....Heung Jin Nim worked hard to set up the Palace and training, hospital everything..."

The 21 Day workshop at Chung Pyung for all Blessed Wives in 2000 became the very foundation for the Registration blessing upon which the Coronation of God's Kingship could be secured the following January 13, 2001.

Therefore we can imagine that this 40 day workshop for All Blessed Wives is another dispensational step to allow True Parents to advance God's Providence.

We don't fully know what will unfold from the Women's historic course - but we can be sure that this Chung Pyung Providence is a key element to True Parents foundation and direction. Already - the women were called upon and succeeded in going to the Middle East - with IIPC and WFWP safely and with victory.

Also, for our youth - there are now countless testimonies of our young people who were contemplating their direction and calling in life - many who went through the 40 day course have gained absolute confidence in how God is guiding them.

We realize that it is challenging and sometimes hard to imagine how it can be done, but as mentioned before just "Pray and Report to God the details of your situation" and God will have the condition to directly be involved in your course without interfering with your Portion of Responsibility. God is there for you.


We have been encouraged by Dr. Yang to fulfill our responsibility that is most crucial for America at this time - witnessing and gaining new members. Therefore we must focus on witnessing, however still Heaven's direction will not change. We must also follow Father's direction for Chung Pyung. What does this mean? Follow your heart - make witnessing a priority and then report to God. God will reveal the right time for you. The power that comes from blessing our ancestors and cleansing ourselves is an eternal foundation. It is the gift from our True Parents.

Thanks to our Precious Blessed Wives and to our Youth -

God believes in you !!!

With True Parent's Love,

Rev. Michael Jenkins
Family Federation for World Peace and Unification USA

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