The Words of the Jenkins Family

We Are Proud Of Our Women Of Faith

Michael Jenkins
June 1, 2004

Our women, 120 from America, 500 more from the world just returned from the Holy Land. The WFWP women were so victorious. I am deeply proud of them. As with most of us when you go to such an unstable environment, they were nervous, many not having been to Israel before, were anxious, but not afraid. They trusted in the Lord. When you arrive at Ben Gurion airport and you see the sign on the building as the shuttle bus brings you from your plane to the main building, "Welcome To Israel". You feel such a sense of history and yet a sense of anxiety. For many there is a subtle tension inside, especially because we seek out and work with the people at the center of the conflict, a quiet feeling of wondering if we will return home. It causes one to turn to God in a way that is not an everyday occurrence. I saw that in the eyes and hearts of our women. Nevertheless they didn't hesitate and they went with such beautiful faith. They went as Mothers, sisters and daughters. All women were represented. Unification, WFWP, ACLC Clergy women and Ambassadors for Peace.

They moved the hearts of our friends and family there in the Holy Land. They embraced those that suffered and brought love to those in the Hospital. They crossed the Bridge of Peace. It sounds so simple in words, yet when I saw the Palestinian and Israeli (Jewish) sisters crossing the bridge together in tears I saw the power of heaven. To be sure, the tearful crossing together is just the beginning, but that is the power of Father and Mother Moon's movement. It is never a one event experience. Once our sisters get each other's phones and emails, a bond will solidify and grow. That's why the Pilgrimages are growing in power. They are ongoing and will not stop. This time in particular, the Bridge of Peace had profound power. Muslims, Christians and Jews, beautiful Jewish women with the heart of Rachel and beautiful Palestinian women, with each other and with our women from 7 enemy nations.

Our women were incredible, as are the women that God has prepared in Israel. From the Israeli family to the Ambassadors for Peace - great women of faith are standing in the center of God's dispensation. It was so beautiful to see Mrs. Glaubach, Shelagh Shavlev and Shosh Ben Ami cross the bridge to meet their sisters. It was destiny. These Ambassadors for Peace have grown to trust the Middle East Peace Initiative. At first they were appreciative but skeptical.

They cautioned us, that many groups have come from America to work for peace. But most of them come once with good intentions and never return. Its been a year now and our plans for continuation are absolutely clear. The next pilgrimage is planned as well as our youth going forward with Service for Peace. Father's commitment: on March 23rd at the historic Coronation of True Parents on Capitol Hill he said, "until the guns fall silent in the Middle East."

The Ambassadors for Peace of Israel are genuinely moved and gaining confidence. They were particularly moved by our Peace Task Force - our sisters who stayed in Israel for weeks - even 40 days. Many waves have gone since March 1. Some lived in Bethlehem in the West Bank and merged in and with the hearts of the people. Some in Jerusalem and Ramallah, some in Tel Aviv and Haifa. True Parents love is pouring into Israel and Palestine. Some lived side by side with Jewish Ambassadors for Peace working day by day with the heart . They rode the public buses, the same buses that are targets. They witnessed door to door, from Jewish to Palestinian homes. They moved the hearts of women, the mothers who when united can lead their husbands and sons away from war.

When we raised money for those who lost their homes in the international crisis in Rafah they rose to the call which created "Care" packages for 500 families - so many countless sisters who still were filled with a sense of anxiety over the danger asked me, "Please take me to Rafah. I feel I should go." Who are these Women of Peace, who leave the suburbs and cities of America, Korea, Japan and Europe, leaving their children and family duties behind to come to the vortex of conflict between the Abrahamic faiths? They are Women of Faith. They are True Parents daughters - Korean, Japanese, American (of all races) and European (also of all races) from former enemy nations. They are willing to give their lives not for their own nation but for Israel and Palestine so that all nations might be free. For Muslims, Christians and Jews so that all faiths might be free. I gained so much from their presence and the real ability we have to bring in the Peace Kingdom.

I have recently seen the power in the ACLC clergy to bring down walls, I have recently seen the power in the Ambassadors for Peace and now I'm am seeing the reality of the enormous power of Women of Faith in tearing down the walls. The character of most great men is directly linked to their mothers, so it was with General MacArthur, so it is with Father Moon. Alexa and Karen fulfilled their roles with great distinction lifting up and protecting Dr. Lan Young Moon - President of the Womens Federation for World Peace International. America, on Memorial Day we just honored our veterans and those who have fallen, but also we should honor our women, who put their lives on the line to bring peace in the Middle East. There is a power in a Mother's love that is like no other. True Mother's love went to Israel and was victorious in bringing healing and love. A healing has begun that will be nourished by our Mother's so that Ishmael and Isaac can come together once and for all as one family.

Thanks to the Women of Peace, the Women of Faith. The Hope Expands in the Middle East.


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