The Words of the Jenkins Family

Greetings From Jerusalem

Michael Jenkins
May 26, 2004

Dear Family,

The "Women of Peace" movement initiated by our True Parents is expanding the scope of our Middle East Peace Initiative. It is truly the next step in the Dispensation. Over 500 women from 33 nations are here with the spirit of True Mother.

Our Peace Task Force of Korean, Japanese, American and European women are seeking to address the hearts of those suffering directly from the conflict known as the second Intifada. They are seeking out, by going door to door, the Jewish and Palestinian victims of violence. One beautiful Jewish girl who was a soldier, wept when our "Mother's of Peace" came with the spirit of True Parents. Beyond politics and transcending religious boundaries we all can, in the right moment of heart experience that we are children of one God. This happened with this sister as well as Palestinian mothers who lost their sons.

Tremendous healing is going on here.

Yesterday, we had briefings for our international delegation through which they could catch the spirit of the work True Parents have done in Israel. Dr. Lan Young Moon gave a very powerful presentation on the work of WFWP reviewing especially the nine years of work with the Women's Conference on Peace in the Middle East. Through clever academic forums some of the most influential women scholars and NGO leaders have formed a bond of trust with us. Father asked her before she came here, "In all your world travels, what country or people do you feel closest to?" She said, " The women of the Middle East." Father said, "That is because they have suffered so much. God is close to them. "

Mrs. Karen Smith presented the vision and work of True Parents at the UN and now through the "Peace UN", the IIPC global work. She noted that the "Women of Peace" through this cooperation between Israel, Japan, Korea, USA and the many European countries are helping lay a foundation for greater international collaboration.

Mrs. Alexa Ward is leading the women with an enormous sense of purpose to heal the strife here. She also brought Ms. Norma Foster who is on the WFWP USA National Board and also a key advisor to the International as well. Norma is leading 135 women today with Mrs. Glaubach to Hadassah Hospital to bring love to both Jewish and Arab Israelis and some Palestinians who have been injured in the conflict. All are in the same hospital together. Norma is the President of the United Nations Association of Los Angeles and is very experienced in NGO work. She said, "Out of all the hundreds of NGO's I've worked with WFWP is the most effective."

Dr. Yang who is representing Rev. Kwak, the Chairman of the IIPC, addressed the body giving a clear history of the providence that True Parents initiated. Especially centering on the Jerusalem Declaration that was the fruit of the cooperation of the IIFWP Israel and the ACLC at this time last year. This new level of international and interreligious cooperation led to profound and significant repentance by representatives of the Abrahamic Faiths.

Then last December through the success of the Coronation of Jesus and the reconciliation of the Abrahamic faiths, Rev. Jenkins cited Father's statement that this condition internally reverses what occurred 2000 years ago. The internal condition being set through this Women of Peace reconciliation work is: "As Mother's uniting from enemy nations you are in the Holy Land to heal and unite Ishmael and Isaac. Father chose you to represent True Mother to bring solution to the second root cause of the conflict in the Holy Land and throughout the world. As Mother's you represent the pure power of the Holy Spirit and as Mother's you represent the True Love of God through True Mother."

You come representing True Mother and her tears that have flowed like a river to heal the hearts of the divided children"

Dr. Abe, Mr. Hod Ben Zvi and many of our Ambassadors for Peace have created the foundation here that God is now using to bring peace. Hod gave a very informative review of the History of Israel for the last 2000 years and Dr. Abe gave the internal teaching on the Principle including the meaning of the Blessing and the responsibility we share.

We are now preparing "Care" packages for Gaza (Rafa) from WFWP and IIFWP. Several key WFWP leaders are planning to go. God loves their courage.

Tears are flowing here. You can be very proud of the women representing True Parents. They are totally succeeding here !! Please continue your earnest prayers for our women of faith.



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