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WFWP Is On Fire For The Holy Land

Michael Jenkins
May 17, 2004

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Mrs. Alexa Ward has led an incredible effort for the Women of Peace Middle East Peace Initiative to Israel. Together with Karen Smith of IIFWP they are chairing the MEPI subcommittee that is doing the Women of Peace program.

Already our Peace Task Force Members are going door to door and embracing, in particular, women who have lost loved ones to the conflict, both Jewish and Muslim women.

The WFWP women throughout America have done an excellent effort of raising money to help mobilize top women leaders from many vocations as well as some of our most outstanding blessed sisters to lead this effort. ACLC has also done a fine job in securing 25 women clergy for the trip. WFWP has taken full responsibility for 95 women and are fighting to get more spaces because there are more women confirmed than we have seats available. Please think about what htis means at this time in history. The conflict in the Holy Land is so severe and so central to the world situation facing the Christian, Jewish and Muslim relations worldwide. the situation is such that most ;people are warned by friends, relatives and colleagues that they should not go to this dangerous place. Yet our women without hesitation are making this journey with faith and conviction, a true Mothers lvoe coming through them can heal the division of Ishmael and Isaac.

Last night I spoke with Susan Fefferman and Kathy Mahardy. Kathy said they are having such a deep experience and that wonderful Jewish Women whose husbands have played a key role are working so hard at outreach. Mrs. Raquel Glaubach and Mrs. Shelagh Shalev (Shelagh is Irish and Kathy was laughing about the "Irish Power" of Shelagh, Kathy and Susan (Finnegann) Fefferman.

They both conveyed their gratitude for your prayers here in America for our peace task force and Susan conveyed a special message to the women of America. She said, "The women are truly in the central position in this effort and because of that they are receiving very special spiritual power to do work that is beyond human power alone."

Congratulations to the women of America and to the women of the world who are now converging, representing our True Parents, in the Holy Land.


Rev. Michael Jenkins

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