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Another HQ Memo About Israel Trip

Michael Jenkins
May 12, 2004

This memo was: Emailed to all Church Centers in North America Faxed to all Regional Headquarters in North America.

All Regional Headquarters must fax this memo to their State Centers All State Centers must inform all members in their State about the content of this memo.

May 12, 2004

Dear Women of FFWPU and all affiliated organizations,

At this time True Parents have called for a historic movement of women to travel to Israel from throughout the world, as well as from within Israel and Palestine, to come together and begin the process of healing the division between the brothers, Ishmael and Isaac.

In an effort to support WFWP at this time, we would like to ask every woman in the FFWPU movement and all women associated with the American Clergy Leadership Conference, WFWP, ALC, Ambassadors for Peace and affiliated organizations to donate $50 for this upcoming special event. We have set a goal to raise $50,000 through this effort. These funds will be used to cover WFWP administrative expenses, provide staff support while in Israel, provide support for VIPs to participate in this program, as well as assist with the expenses of the Task Force.

A Task Force of fifteen (15) American sisters is working hard in Israel, preparing both the grassroots foundation, as well as reaching out to women leaders, in preparation for the Women of Peace event on May 27, 2004. The leadership in Israel, in an effort to deeply connect to Godís will for this event, received the inspiration to reach out to those families, Israeli and Palestinian, who have experienced tragic personal loss as a result of the ongoing violence. Visits with these families have resulted in a profound sharing of heart which shows how much God wants to work through the heart of the mother to bring healing to that region.

Many of our sisters have felt the calling from God to more deeply embody the qualities of true love, compassion, and forgiveness at this time. It is through these qualities that God wants to embrace and heal the world. These qualities are above religion and represent the very essence of Godís heart.

The event on May 27, as well as the trip from May 22-28, is being sponsored by the IIFWP and WFWP. The Women of Peace sub-committee has been organized under the IIFWP Steering Committee for the Middle East Peace Initiative (MEPI). This sub- committee is being chaired by Karen Judd Smith, representing IIFWP, and Alexa Fish Ward, representing WFWP. WFWP is responsible for all aspects of mobilization and organization in the US.

We sincerely thank you for your continued sacrifice and understanding and fulfillment of Godís providence centering on women. Please make your check out to WFWP, USA and send to WFWP, USA; 3224 Ė 16th Street, NW; Washington DC 20010.

Again, we thank the women of faith in our movement who are steadfastly walking with True Father and True Mother toward the fulfillment of Godís Kingdom on earth. Women have, and always will, lead and determine the success of Godís providence. We know that you are strong and have the faith. We are grateful.

Sincerely in Faith,

Rev. Michael Jenkins

Mrs. Alexa Ward

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