The Words of the Jenkins Family

Role of women in Middle East

Michael Jenkins
May 7, 2004

Dear Blessed Women and Women of Faith,

True Parents have called for a historic movement of women to travel to Israel from throughout the world and from within Israel and Palestine to come together and begin the process of healing the division between the brothers, Ishmael and Isaac.

From spending time with True Parents at the May 1st celebration and Hoon Dok Hae as well as the Yeosu Fishing experience, I could see that though the world is crumbling God's Peace Kingdom is absolutely rising. You could see it in Father's confidence.

The core of the new world is based on the Blessed Central Families. That is why our faith and tradition is most important.

True Parents as the King and Queen of Peace have absolute authority on earth. Those that cooperate and unite in heart will prosper, those that don't will lose energy and will see their problems multiply.

Parentism is the power to bring brothers together as one. Ishmael and Isaac divided because of the failure of Abraham and latter because of the failure of Isaac's descendants to embrace Jesus. Since this was restored through the Coronation of Jesus and the internal condition of the reconciliation of the sons of Abraham on the stage in Jerusalem on December 22nd and at the U.S. Capitol on February 4th and March 23rd, the bad "Condition" that separated the brothers has been indemnified.

Now the Parents representatives which are the Religious Leaders and the Women of Faith must go with True Parents spirit to literally heal the hearts of Ishmael and Isaac and bring them together as one. The Religious leaders have opened the way. Now the Women of Faith that are called by God to heal the brothers and further restore the sad history of God's chosen.

A new Fourth Israel has dawned which is formed of all Muslims, Christians and Jews and people of all faiths, races and backgrounds to stand with True Parents as the "Chosen". A new Israel is now moving under God's direction centering on Rev. Kwak with the support of Dr. Yang and the Continental leaders. Rev. Ji in the Middle East and Dr. Abe and Mr. Hod Ben Zwi are in a very central role. We must all unite and pray for them and all True Parent's representatives in the Middle East (religious Leaders, Women and Ambassadors for Peace. ). Please pray that internally we will stand with one Parental Heart to heal the brothers.

Our beloved blessed women. Now is the time to sacrifice. We must go to Jerusalem and walk for Peace. Cross the Bridge of Peace and heal the hearts of the Mother's of the Holy Land and through them heal their sons. When their sons and daughters are healed the Father's will follow.

This is God's history.

105 are called from America. I sincerely ask every community to support those sisters who volunteer.

Let the Women of Faith Rise.


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