The Words of the Jenkins Family

Pledge Service Today

Michael Jenkins
May 5, 2004

Dear Family,

I was blessed to attend Pledge Service with Dr. Yang today. True Parents announced on April 19th on True Parents Day that now every day is the Sabbath and that our formal Pledge should be done on every "8th" Day after the 19th. The first such pledge was held on April 27th. The Second on May 5th (today) the next will be May 13th, then the 21st and so on. (The full meaning of this and how our tradition will be developed will be clarified soon by Official Communications from FFWPUI Headquarters. This is for your general understanding.)

Today, May 5th Father made a most historic declaration. Today was declared Han Shi Il , The Day of Settlement and Attendance (more exact clarification is coming on this). Father declared that the Pre Millennial era spoken about in scriptures ended yesterday on the Lunar date of 44th Anniversary of True Parents Holy Wedding Anniversary.

Today is the beginning of a New Millennium centering on the Peace Kingdom and the King and Queen of Peace. This is a most profound and historic day. Father mentioned that the Sabbath is now everyday and that the Sabbath has been fulfilled through True Parents course, now everyday is the Sabbath and everyday we will fulfill our responsibility by attending True Parents and fulfilling our responsibility as Blessed Central Families becoming True Sons and Daughters of God.

Recently Father has been emphasizing that as our mind and body become one our conscience then becomes our central beacon of the direction that we must follow. Our conscience should now lead us into natural attendance of the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humanity.

This is the Day that the Lord Has Made, Let us Rejoice and Be Glad in it !!!

The new Millennium has dawned. The hour of the fulfillment of all scripture is at hand.



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