The Words of the Jenkins Family

All Vice Regional Directors and Key Leaders Invited To May 1st and Fishing Tour

Michael Jenkins
April 24, 2004

Dear Leaders,

We just finished the Hudson River Fishing Tournament. It was great to have all the key leaders from Korea and Japan join with our American leadership. Also, American took first place !!!! (This is a good sign).

Dr. Yang and I have been asked by True Parents to bring over 100 leaders to the May 1st 50th Anniversary of the founding of HSA UWC. This will be followed by an International Fishing Tournament in Yeosu, Korea. The tournament will be from May 2 - 5.

All Vice Regional Directors are to attend, as many key western leaders and state leaders and Tribal Messiahs are invited. You should be in Korea by the early afternoon on April 30. Dr. Yang and I will lead the American team. Let's win the tournament.

Thanks America,

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