The Words of the Jenkins Family

Love Relations Part II

Michael Jenkins
April 12, 2004

Dear Family,

From being with Father here at EG each morning I'm getting a sense that the condition of sacrifice of our couples is very critical to create the foundation for Father and Mother to recreate the Garden of Eden. In discussion with Dr. Yang, Peter Kim and Mr. Joo it seems that there is a condition being made to restore the purity of the Garden of Eden before the fall. Upon that condition True Parents as the True King and Queen will launch a new springtime in the blessed families and begin a new era of love and happiness between couples. Father wants to make this pronouncement on May 1st.

To be sure that we unite and don't make a mistake in Father's call for sacrifice, Dr. Yang asked all North American leaders and participants who attended Ocean city to sacrifice their love for 40 Days from April 1 - May 10.

We encourage all to participate voluntarily. It was also suggested that in light of Father's call for women to take the lead for peace in the Holy Land and in all witnessing activities that this is a good time to fulfill this by going to Israel for forty days for the Women's rally around the end of May. Also, Chung Pyung has been given as Father's direction for 40 days for all blessed wives.

To fulfill, anything we do must be from the heart.

Let us sacrifice our lives, fortunes and sacred honor for the realization Kingdom of God on earth.

Thanks America.


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