The Words of the Jenkins Family

Concerning Love Relations

Michael Jenkins
April 10, 2004

Dear Family,

As you know True Father asked for all Blessed Central Families to commit to the Kingdom to the degree that there is no priority greater than this focus. Even our love relations and family should be second to giving ourselves for the Kingdom of God.

Matthew: 6:33: "But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you."

This is the meaning of the request from True Parents. Its a matter of heart. It is between you and God what level of sacrifice that you will make. These are personal matters and choices in the life of faith that cannot be directed.

To make the situation even more dramatic, Father in the Hoon Dok Hae on April 8th at EG went into an extensive call for all couples to sleep together naked to create an atmosphere of True Love and oneness.

Dr. Yang, on the way to fishing on Thursday, raised the issue with True Father concerning the seeming contradiction in these matters. Father's Response: We should not be legalistic, we should have the heart to seek the Kingdom of God (the Peace Kingdom) without any reservations as to the sacrifices we may have to make to bring the Kingdom. Sacrificing even our love relations to devote more focus to the Kingdom.

Father on another occasion said that women should mobilize to the front lines of the Holy Land and the rest should go to the front lines of witnessing to new members, clergy, women, youth and political leaders.

If we unite in heart as Abraham did with the offering of Isaac, the literal nature of the sacrifice can become symbolic. If we hesitate (like Abraham did to cut the dove and the Pigeon), the potential for greater sacrifice is realized.

Father mentioned that Jesus gave his life and never experienced love relations. Many suffer their whole lives in prison alone.

Father emphasized the other day that if the Coronation had not been accomplished on March 23rd a huge cosmic disaster would have occurred. He mentioned the idea that even an atomic bomb might have been dropped on the Gaza strip.

With the world in such turmoil and the destiny of God's providence hanging in the balance we should leap forward now to through ourselves into the Peace Kingdom Movement. Do Not Hesitate but rather seek to lose your life and your will gain it, seek to gain your life and your will lose it.

Dearest brothers and sisters, in Gaza I saw the power of True Parents working to protect us and extend True Parents love to the two brothers: Both Ishmael (the Palestinians inside Gaza) and Isaac (the Israelis at the Erez crossing) felt the love of the Living God coming through us. We have the power to bring a spirit of peace and reconciliation - but we must put our lives on the line - many in our party who went to Gaza and many who came to Israel for this trip shared that they had made their wills complete before they went. They didn't know if they would return. Father made it more clear on April 7th upon the ACLC clergy's return when he said, "True Parents don't want to sacrifice you, we want to see you live and proper. We don't want to see you sacrificed for peace. God is happy to see you return. It is very clear, if you did not do right - you would not have returned - but because you did right you returned."

Seek ye first God's Kingdom and his Righteousness ....

With heart we will shorten the period of sacrifice. Father's hope is that the unity with Father's heart of sacrifice will be so great that on May 1st the 50th Anniversary of the HSA UWC he will have the "Heart" of unity of the Blessed Central Families that can be offered to God. With that condition Father's desire is to launch the new era of intimacy and total absolute sex and True Love between spouses sleeping naked together in oneness. With such a heart and a passion of love the spirit of homosexuality will wither, shrivel and fall away yielding to the true passion that the Living God has planned for all humanity.

Please sacrifice and do not hesitate,

Let our commitment to heaven be absolute. Let our commitment be greater than that of any warrior on any battlefield.



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