The Words of the Jenkins Family

Good Friday

Michael Jenkins
April 9, 2004

Dear Family,

One year ago today, 120 Christians followed the lead of George Augustus Stallings and stepped across the threshold of history taking down the crosses from their churches on Good Friday. Following that courageous step, Christians reconciled with Jews and Muslims creating the 4th Israel centering on True Parents. This new Israel is a covenant between God and the New chosen people, which are Jews, Christians, Muslims and all believers. The pilgrimages connected with this historic journey, opened the gates of Gaza and Ramallah and brought the condition that would heal Jerusalem and be the source of blessing for all Jewish people .Based on the love of these Christians ,Jewish leaders crowned Jesus King of Peace for the Jews and all Humanity. Jewish leaders again came forward on February 4th and crowned Jesus before congress and the world. This sealed the destiny of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Israel and made their destinies one.

On March 23rd the 3 Israels cooperated to crown True Parents before all of human history. This crowning occurred with the support of congressional leaders and major religious leaders. This linked the fortune of Christianity and America substantially on the bases of America and Christianity fully cooperating and supporting the coronation of our True Parents as the King and Queen of Peace. The fifth pilgrimage to the Holy Land came forth with this Holy Spirit that totally removed the barriers between the 2nd Israel, Jews and the key Muslim leaders of Al Aqsa Mosque and at Gaza. The news media proclaimed that Americans would be killed in Gaza, the UN halted all representatives going through the areas crossing, but are ACLC/IIPC representatives walked through completely enwrapped in the Spirit of the Lord. This not only protected our delegation but enwrapped them in the cloak of God's Love allowing them to touch both Israelis and Palestinians. Father said upon our return that he was deeply praying for us and did not want anyone to be sacrificed. He told us on this journey it was your responsibility to do what was right, if you had not done that you wouldn't have come back.

Under the glory and protection of True Parents as the King and Queen of peace, 83 clergy are now returning to Harvest the vineyard. Thousands of Woman and Clergy will now march around Gaza as they did through their ancestors. We are now marching toward a huge Woman's movement in Israel. Americas time has come.

We have fulfilled the Coronation, and will continue to be expanding. Let us give thanks to God and double our efforts to rapidly advance the Peace Kingdom. America must lead the way.

Thanks America!


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