The Words of the Jenkins Family

Our Journey To The Holy Land

Michael Jenkins
March 30, 2004

Dear Family,

On the foundation of the victory of the Coronation of True Parent on March 23rd with the spirit of the unified and blessed 1st, 2nd and 3rd Israel we now go to bring healing.

Your prayers and support are deeply needed and appreciated. We will go to Gaza. We will be in the West Bank. We will meet Jews, Muslims and Christians and seek to bring a revolution of heart that will end the violence.

Our Ambassadors for Peace are there already working. God is with us. Dr. Abe, Hod Ben Zvi, Frank Kaufmann, Andy Wilson, Tajh, Rev. Daugherty, Rev. Schanker, Archbishop Stallings, Rev. Jesse Edwards, Bishop C. Phillip Johnson, Imam Bundakji, Imam Jodeh and our Muslim, Christian and Jewish counterparts are now working as one for this journey. Rev. Kwak, Dr. Yang, Dr. Walsh and all key leaders are guiding and sacrificing for this historic dispensation. All the key figures who brought the December 22nd, February 4th and March 23rd victory will be marching together in Nazareth for the Peace Kingdom. Jesus and True Parents and all saints are with us.

Please pray for the Peace Kingdom to expand rapidly.


Rev. Michael Jenkins

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