The Words of the Jenkins Family

40 American Women To Israel

Michael Jenkins
March 30, 2004

Dear American Women,

Father has asked that 40 American women respond to the dispensational call to go to Israel by April 1st. Also TP's want all women to mobilize for peace from April 1. All women should consider how to witness and go to the front line. This should be done so that it creates a consistent outreach over time. American women, like those who pioneered this country are courageous and unafraid.

Concerning Israel: The only way that Ishmael and Isaac can come together is through the Mother's love. This is a central historic providence. That is why Father asked on March 24th that all women become the Mother united directly with True Mother as the Queen and Father as the True Adam. This is the internal reason that husbands are being asked to take the AA role. Dr. Yang has asked that we begin this period from April 1st. We don't know the length of the condition.

The American Women are taking this very seriously and Dr. Yang and I have received many requests for clarification. One point of clarification is that the Woman is in the Mother's role and must relate directly to True Father and go to the front line. I have received many volunteers and feel so much hope from the American women. Once they make up their minds nothing will stop them !!!

Father has identified the first front line as Israel. The 40 who go will set the condition that will open the way to the front line of witnessing in America which must also be led by a Mother's heart.

Thanks to our American Women.

Husbands - let us be encouraged and supportive as our wives go forward to bring the Kingdom of God on earth.

Thanks America.



BLK Reg Name Region
SE 1 Rev. Jeong Phyo Hong Washington 6
NE 2 Rev. In Hoi Lee New York 6
NE 3 Rev. Dong Woo Kim New Jersey 5
NE 4 Rev. Kil Hwan Kim Boston 1
NE 5 Rev. Byeng Chul Kim Bridgeport 1
NE 6 Rev. Hae Chul Jung Manchester 1
MW 7 Rev. Jea Seok Kim Columbus 1
SE 8 Rev. Byung Sook Cho Charlotte 1
SE 9 Rev. Young Tack Yang Atlanta 1
SE 10 Rev. Dae Hee Hong Miami 1
SE 11 Rev. Won Geun Kim Mobile 1
MW 12 Rev. Ki Hoon Kim Chicago 4
MW 14 Rev. Gi Young Shin Dallas 1
MW 15 Rev. Sung Jong Seo Minneapolis 1
W 16 Rev. Shang Song Park Denver 1
W 17 Rev. Soo Won Kwon Phoenix 1
W 18 Rev. Hun Suk Lee Seattle 2
W 19 Rev. Moon Shik Kim Portland 1
W 20 Rev. Man Ho Kim San Francisco 3
W 21 Rev. Baek Joong Ku Los Angeles 3
NE 22 Rev. Ki Yeal Lee Upstate New 1
NE 23 Dr. Chae Hee Lee CAN 2

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