The Words of the Jenkins Family

Women Are Called As Ambassadors For Peace

Michael Jenkins
March 29, 2004

Dear Family,

Father has asked for Ambassadors for Peace to go to Israel. 40 each from Korea, Japan and America making 120 total. Father has asked that the majority of these Ambassadors to the Middle East should be women.

It is the women's age of the dispensation and through cooperation with the "mother" the sons Ishmael and Isaac (like Esau and Jacob) could be reconciled and united.

We currently have 8 Ambassadors for Peace in Israel. We need 40 to leave as soon as possible. Each region was given a goal to fulfill this important condition.

We are standing on the victorious foundation of America giving the Crown of Peace to True Parents. We have great fortune now to affect peace in the Middle East. Do not hesitate but please pray and sincerely seek God's guidance.

Thanks America,

Thanks to our Women - you are a victor for heaven.


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