The Words of the Jenkins Family

Congratulations to IIPC, AFC/ ALC and ACLC

Michael Jenkins
March 25, 2004

Dear Family,

We sincerely congratulate Rev. Kwak, Dr. Walsh and all the IIPC as well as Dr. Yang and Mr. Jim Flynn and all American leaders of many organizations for the support of the Coronation victory and Middle East Peace Initiative. We sincerely thank the AFC movement. Father is very proud of the AFC/ ALC movement. AFC fulfilled its providenctial responsibility on March 23rd. Special thanks to Mr. Gary Jarmin for doing so much for God's providence. The Middle East Peace Initiative held a historic reconciliation of Jews, Muslims and Christians. One Jewish Rabbi was so deeply touched by God that he blew the Shofar and proclaimed that the Messiah has come. With that a Palestinian Imam Jodeh prayed for Israel and the Rabbi prayed for Palestine and the end of violence. This was a profound history in the Senate Dirksen building.

The battle was very very serious and filled with grave danger to the providence if it did not succeed. However it has now been victoriously completed. History has now been forever recorded that during True Parents life Ministry in the crucial hour. America as the Second Israel, represented by Christians and the American elected officials held the ceremony to have the Jewish Leaders crown Jesus and reconcile Muslim, Christian and Jew on February 4th.

On March 23rd before all human history the America, the Second Israel, supported by 43 Ambassadors of the United Nations and many heads of state, crowned True Parents as the King and Queen of the second and third Israel. This fulfilled the responsibility of Christianity and America. The land of the free and the home of the brave now, upon this foundation, must launch an incredible revolution for the Blessing of Marriage and building True Families. America must launch a revolution to bring peace in the Middle East and to secure the Fatherland by eliminating the 38th parallel division of Korea.

This is the Work of God.

True Parents now ask all women to mobilize for Peace. Ambassadors for Peace must go to Israel immediately. Upon the foundation of March 23rd we must bring Peace in the Middle East.

Congratulations to AFC, IIPC and all.


Rev. Michael Jenkins
IIFWP Co-Chair

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