The Words of the Jenkins Family

TP and March 23rd

Michael Jenkins
March 20, 2004

Dear Family,

Father emphasized upon his return that for success and blessing on March 23rd we must move the spiritual world and be absolutely serious as to the meaning of America bringing forth the Coronation of our True Parents. He emphasized that this is the work of God. But conditions must be set for the spiritual world and Heaven to be able to secure the blessing of uniting America with God's providence.

Father asked us for three things:

1. Prayer - your prayer condition is serious. Pray with heart concerning the points of prayer we distributed.

2. Donate - Father said that America (American Blessed Central Families) must be financially responsible for this event and the Pilgrimages in Israel. To be responsible we ask every blessed family to donate from your heart as much as you can. We need $200 per family. We ask that you donate a minimum of $100 immediately to your regional headquarters. This is a condition for America and all blessed couples to link with March 23rd. We ask that you donate beyond the $100 with your heart. Please 200 or more.

3. Spiritual World Messages: Last night Father emphasized the spiritual world messages form the five religious leaders and the presidents. Please read these messages strongly as a condition to allow the spirit world to pour down power from heaven.

This morning at Hoon Dok Hae at the end I reported to Father, "Father, March 23rd will be a glorious day for God." Dr. Yang spoke the same thing in Korean. Father said, "Yes. The key is to move the spiritual world!!"

Thanks America.


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