The Words of the Jenkins Family

Historic Fifth Pilgrimage

Michael Jenkins
March 19, 2004

Dear Family,

The Historic Fifth Pilgrimage is getting tremendous support from American Blessed Central Families. Many brothers and sisters are donating because of their heart to heal the Middle East. This is America's role and the power that America can bring. Another American brother who actually is working in Europe heard our request and donated $2000 today !!! Please keep it up America. Your $500 donation or more opens the way for more clergy to "break through". Please keep donating. We need to send 30 more clergy and need that many donors. Thank you for your faith Blessed Families. We will let you know which ministers were sponsored by your sacrifice. Then you can also pray that they have a profound experience in the Holy Land.

We are finding that many clergy are hesitant because of all the difficult news coming from Israel. However, those who went before have experienced the incredible protection that God gives us with each journey. The "condition" of Blessed Families substantially sacrificing like this unlocks the power of the spirit world. Yesterday, one clergy who was struggling to go broke through in heart and felt the spirit of God saying, "You must go". I know that this is directly linked to your conditions and "heart" as blessed central families.

Through this incredible course we have been led to the Coronation of Jesus and the Coronation of True Parents.

Several more clergy will now carry forth Father's will to heal the Holy Land.

True Parents return to New York today.

Glory to God on High.

Thanks America

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