The Words of the Jenkins Family

Gethsemane Stone Fund

Michael Jenkins
March 17, 2004

Dear Family,

The $1000 donations for the Gethsemane Fund have become the financial backbone of Father's providence to reconcile the Abrahamic Faiths and to restore and forgive the First, Second and Third Israel through the Jerusalem Declaration. The Pilgrimages are possible only because of sponsorship. Based on Father's wisdom and for the sake of making conditions to allow America to receive God's blessing, he has asked America to continuously taken responsibility to FUND every pilgrimage. Of course the clergy, and our leaders and families in our regions have sacrificed greatly to make this work and this has been the most essential element of America's condition. However without the contributions of families throughout America through the Gethsemane fund there would have been no way to fulfill. This sacrifice has been equally essential to this providence.

Beyond the Regional Sacrifice there is the need for financial support. To make it easy for the clergy to go on a journey at a time when NO tourists or visitors go to Israel we ask your help. Father is leading us against the grain of what people would commonly do. Yet we realize without this uncommon effort the healing of the Middle East will not occur. Fortunately the clergy and our members are people of faith. Risking their lives they are walking with True Parents for the sake of heaven. Therefore God is working. Because of this Jesus could be given the crown of Peace restoring all of the past. Because of this the Coronation of True Parents can now be achieved centering on the Second Israel.

One Blessed Central Family heard this call before and gave $16,000. This allowed over 40 providential leaders to complete their journey to the Holy Land. Anyone who goes comes back with a very deep and profound confidence that Father and Mother are practically and substantially leading the path to peace in the Middle East.

Many of our families have been blessed by God to contribute financially more than others. Please hear the call. If you have already given to the fund but haven't completed the $1000 request please complete the $1000 offering. If you can please donate more. Every name is recorded and will become a historic record of pride and sacrifice for your family. The stones that we are sending to those donors were picked by our missionaries and come from the very ground that Father identified where Jesus prayed. On our last Pilgrimage our Israeli family led us to the central spot which Father confirmed was the place of Jesus prayer and anguish and victorious decision.

Led by one of our Jewish Blessed sisters we saw the Holy Ground upon which Jesus prayed. In 1965 Father created there one of the 120 World Holy Grounds. Our sister shared with us that Father placed three nails into an Olive tree in the central place of Jesus' prayer. (Although the tree has grown around the nails somewhat, you can still see the nails there after 40 years). Father placed the three nails for a purpose, one for Christianity, one for Judaism and one for Islam. The stones our Israeli family chooses is done with the heart of connecting these three foundational faiths. The pilgrimages have set the condition to unify them into the Fourth Israel.

The Gethsemane Fund is the Backbone of the Pilgrimage - we prayerfully request your help to continue THREE more Pilgrimages that Father has asked for in the year 2004.

Please send your donations Payable to: HSA UWC at 4 West 43rd St. NY, NY 10036. C/O Rev. Eric Holt. NOTE ON YOUR CHECK : Gethsemane fund.



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