The Words of the Jenkins Family

Concerning The Pilgrimage To Israel

Michael Jenkins
March 17, 2004

Dear Family,

We are deeply grateful for the response from across America for the events unfolding at this time. Although there are many challenges, many breakthroughs are coming.

Concerning the Pilgrimage to Israel. Please remember that each Pilgrimage has been commissioned by True Father and has a unique and specific purpose to bring Peace. Father has stated that Peace in the Middle East is the prerequisite for Peace between North and South Korea. Father's power of Love and Healing manifests through the Pilgrimages and through the Ambassadors for Peace.

With this heart we ask you to help the clergy to attend the Pilgrimage. Many, due to the tension in the Holy Land are hesitant to go. They need your support. We have 30 additional clergy who will go with your encouragement. They are on the borderline. We need to encourage them by showing that we are willing to sacrifice to help them fulfill their role in history.

Specifically: We need as many $500 sponsors as possible. Please give this kind of show of support and concern so that they will break through and commit to the Will of God.

Notify us concerning your pledge by emailing We will then let you know which clergy your pledge has sponsored. Please - blessed central families, through your sacrifices we were able to inspire the Jewish leaders to bring the crown to Jesus. This liberated the heart of God and comforted and dissolved the historical grief of Jesus by allowing him to receive the honor and love from the chosen people. Through your sacrifice we are now able to support the total recognition and honor of True Parents through the second Israel on March 23rd.

The Blessed Central Families set the conditions to help the clergy. The Blessed Central Families are the central determining factor as to which way America, Christianity and the Providence will go.

Please sponsor religious leaders now to go to Israel and embrace the Jewish and Muslim brothers who are in such great need of liberation.

With the embrace of these Christian leaders a new day can dawn.

Thanks America.



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