The Words of the Jenkins Family

Three Providential Events

Michael Jenkins
March 15, 2004

Dear Family,

We sincerely thank you for your faith at this time. It is incredible. We are walking together as one family with our True Parents. God is with us and we are bringing the love of God to every nation and every family.

Three providential events: the March 23rd Ambassadors for Peace Awards on Capitol Hill, the Divine Principle Workshop for Religious Leaders and the Fifth Pilgrimage to the Holy Land are all occurring in March and early April. America is the country that God has prepared to bring reconciliation of all races, religions and cultures and to bring that healing to the world.

We are asking that every family give all that they can during this time of the providence. Give your gifts, skills, talents and time !!! Whatever you give will be a foundation for you to be blessed by heaven. But there is always one key condition that must be added for each sacrifice to be received by Heaven. It must be from your heart.

Therefore we ask each family to give $200.00 during this week. We ask you to sacrifice and give to your regional headquarters. We ask that first $100 be the amount you give as the condition for the start. If your family absolutely cannot afford to give more at this time - report sincerely to Heaven and God will receive your offering as if it were 10,000 times greater. If it is all you can give then God knows because your heart and tears will be sown into the offering. Not just tears at the altar of offering but tears through your life suffering which comes from holding on in faith against this world that is not sympathetic to purity, love and compassion for all humanity. If $100 is all you can give. Give it with the greatest pride. Don't worry. God will pour his blessing upon you.

If you can - we ask you to sacrifice more. If you feel called please give the second $100 not out of duty but from your Heart. The American family is getting stronger. Many Blessed Couples are rising above impossible challenges to live and sacrifice for the world. True American's can change the world. True American's who have faith and the love of our True Parents are enormously powerful. When they know that this is the hour they always will sacrifice way beyond the call of duty. True American's have heart. Not because they are told but because they believe in God and they love all people. American Family, I would like you to give enormously from your heart. I want you to sacrifice. I want you to give. So that we can transform America into a place of love and then transform the world into a place of healing and love. $100 is the beginning. Give $200 - $300 - $3000 or $30,000 - GIVE FROM YOUR HEART. Volunteer - go to Israel with us. Lift up the religious leaders of all faiths. They have been prepared by God to bring unity and blessing to the world.

Your sacrifice will move the heart of heaven and heaven will pour out much greater Blessing upon America. Heaven has been waiting for the Sacrificial Patriots of this nation to rise again and shake off the dead leaves of winter. A new spring is dawning. The winter of immorality and sad death and destruction in America and the rest of the world must now come to an end. It is time for the winter of sadness to end and time for the spring of heavenly life to emerge.

Sacrificial Patriots who shed their blood with faith that God had created this nation of America historically rose up and gave all. At the same time another Patriot rose up from within the heart of this nation. It is the Patriots that came here in Slave Ships and who saw their Patriotism as Faith in the New Jerusalem that God promised in Revelation would come down out of heaven. Because of that faith the chains were broken and those Patriots rose up to become Preachers in this nation. They rose under the anointing of God's love to call upon humanity to "love ones enemy" and to practice a living Gospel that would break the chains that bind humanity in sin. Those prophets rose up in the 60's and shook the world calling for the unthinkable -- That the sons of slaves and the sons of slave holders would come to sit together as brothers. Many thought when the Prophetic voice poured out the anointing oil at the Lincoln Memorial in 1963 that it was just a dream. A prophesy - no more.

My brothers and sisters - this is no longer a prophesy - this day has come. We are the sons of slave holders and the sons of slaves who have felt the "Call" of heaven. The same Jesus that broke the chains in the past has manifested through our True Parents and has caused us to repent together. The ACLC is a manifestation of this providence. Now I personally must cry out before humanity "Oh Lord, forgive me. For I am a sinner who was the son of a slave holder. Please forgive and allow me to pay my debt to my brother." " Please God. I am the sinner who allowed this precious nation to lose her way. I must bring her back now. I must repent." "Please God let your precious Blessed Families, patriots and believers rise together now from the era of darkness. We must bring this nation for which you sacrificed so much, back on course now. We are the Families and Patriots that you have longed for. We believe and know that no power can stand against you. Upon this foundation the reconciled brothers and sisters, ACLC Clergy and Ambassadors for Peace feel no fear. We are confident that we can heal the Middle East. With this heart - repenting and repairing the heartbreak of the past. We can now heal one another and heal the world. "

America is a healing balm to the World. Sacrifice America. Sacrifice with your heart and your light will shine to bring the nations of the world in from the stormy dark seas of tribulation into the safe and secure harbor of your Peace Kingdom of Blessed Families of all races and nations and peoples.

Please America. You can do it. God loves the True America.



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