The Words of the Jenkins Family

Room On The Pilgrimage

Michael Jenkins
March 15, 2004

Dear Family,

There is space available for Blessed Members, Ambassadors for Peace and second generation who feel serious about bringing Peace in the Middle East. The central thrust of the Peace effort has been initiated by True Parents through the Historic Pilgrimages in which the reconciliation of Jews, Christians and Muslims is now occurring. Through this process Jesus heart was comforted as the Jewish Family brought forth a Crown of Peace to embrace and welcome him in Jerusalem. This unleashed the enormous healing power of God's love and forgiveness for all.

Though the turmoil in the Middle East appears greater than ever, the root cause of the division of the Sons of Abraham has been solved. Imams, Rabbis and Christian Pastors repented at Al Aqsa Mosque and the Western Wall. The Glory of God and the Promise of Prophesy is now being fulfilled.

Please, if you feel called to volunteer to be part of the historic Pilgrimage sign up with your Regional Headquarters or sponsor a Pastor financially. Please sacrifice, Father said that if we don't hesitate the power of God's authority will roll back the divisions and pain of the Middle East and bring a healing balm. The tour leaves on March 30th from New York (Details are available through your Regional Headquarters). It returns on April 6th. The complete package for Clergy is $1200. (We are sponsoring the balance for clergy through the donations of our brothers and sisters). The complete package for members is $1600.

We will be going to Mt. Nebo where Moses saw the promised land and could not go and where he passed on his mission to Joshua. We will cross the Jordan river as Joshua did and we will go to Jericho !! There we as the "Fourth Israel" will SHOUT and this time and the walls of race, religion and nation will come tumbling down before the love of God. (the new nation of God's covenant which includes Muslims, Christians and Jews and all people of faith) Shout Fourth Israel.

Rise up and bring the Chosen that the Lord has prepared to come to the Holy Land.



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