The Words of the Jenkins Family

Special Instructions For March 23rd

Michael Jenkins
March 13, 2004

Dear families,

Thanks for your prayers and support for the IIPC and Ambassador for Peace Awards on March 23rd. We must remain prayerful and serious. America stands in a crucial position to fulfill the role of Christianity, the Second Israel and the Elder Son Nation by supporting and honoring the True Parents and special Ambassadors for Peace while bringing to the world the reconciliation of the Abrahamic faiths.

We just received a memo from Rev. Kwak informing us because that this historic event of March 23rd is being led by the Second Israel and Christianity, America has the providential responsibility to financially support it. We must call upon all Blessed Families at this crucial juncture to fulfill the condition of offering that is required. Also, we sincerely ask that all families support the Divine Principle Convocation and the Pilgrimage to Israel. This is an important moment of decision. We realize that the March 23rd ceremony is not a simple matter, and as with all providences in history, conditions are necessary. If each family does their share we can fulfill our condition very quickly. Rev. Kwak is generously covering a large portion to help the victory of March 23rd. Still the amount required to fulfill Heaven's direction for the three events is much greater. We sincerely request your support.

Support For March 23rd

To fulfill our responsibility for March 23rd we request that each family give a minimum of $100 and up to $200. (If you possibly can, please give $200.) Each region should collect the offering and send it to the National HQ finance department, 4 W. 43rd St. NY, NY. 10036. C/0 Rev. Eric Holt. Each region should send the offering immediately.

Special Meeting After Sunday Service March 14th:

We ask that one representative of each family join a meeting after Sunday Service on March 14th with the Regional, Vice Regional and other Church leaders to organize our efforts centered on the AFC leaders. In that meeting the Ambassadors for Peace from your state (s) that have been selected to be honored on Capitol Hill will be discussed. There is a need to send letters to the Congressmen from your states. These letters will be coordinated by the AFC leaders and should come from our families, clergy and other Ambassadors for Peace to encourage the Congressmen come on March 23rd to present the Crown of Peace Award. This is an effort to educate and inspire your congressman.

DP Convocation And Pilgrimage To The Holy Land:

The Divine Principle Convocation for Clergy will be held from March 24th through March 27th in Ocean City. (There is still space available). Work with your Regional Headquarters to send clergy for this great revival and educational experience.

Concerning the Pilgrimage: Our next Pilgrimage to the Holy Land will depart from March 30th from JFK and return on April 6th. Please reach out for the clergy for many are prepared and excited but still they need your encouragement. The cost is $1200 per clergy person and $1600 for members (from JFK in NY). Note: Some additional fees may be required for tips and special tours that are optional.

Rev. Michael Jenkins

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