The Words of the Jenkins Family

Meeting after Sunday Service to Support the March 23rd Event

Sun Myung Moon
March 13, 2004

Dear Family,

We are at the most exciting moment in history. Every step of the providence is being fulfilled and unfolding to bring about the Peace Kingdom. Although the challenges we face in this world are great, the manifestation of God's power is now absolute. The old world will fade away with each step we take to repent, forgive and reconcile all humanity.

A central historic event in the process of bringing peace to the world is coming on March 23rd on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. It will be an event that focuses on the Ambassadors for Peace that have practiced the vision of reconciliation that has been brought forth from our True Parents. We ask each family to have one representative to meet with our Regional, Vice Regional and State Leaders and the AFC Leader to generate letters of encouragement and support for members of Congress to participate in the Ambassadors for Peace Awards Banquet on March 23rd.

This event is the next step in the providence. In the Holy Land the reconciliation that began with the Jerusalem declaration between the Christians, Muslims and Jews is being expanded between Palestine and Israel. The March 23rd event is the expansion of this reconciliation to the World. Religious leaders are coming from Israel to join with their colleagues in America to continue this historic process. Through America this spirit will be brought to the world.

American Christian leaders who worked in the Middle East are also working with Congressional leaders in this Middle East Peace Initiative. From the Jerusalem Declaration the foundation for a new Israel was established. This "fourth" Israel is a new nation of the Kingdom of God and is formed by God's covenant with all the Abrahamic faiths. The IIPC (Abel UN) is bringing reconciliation from Gaza, to Ramallah and Jerusalem. Our next Pilgrimage of the IIPC will touch the hearts of all of God's children and rapidly advance God's Peace Kingdom. On this foundation our True Parents will be given the Crowns of Peace by representatives of Christianity and leaders from all faith traditions as well as the great statesmen of America.

This is the time of the Kingdom. Your prayers, sacrifice and support for this providence is most needed at this time.

God is moving. The old world and its ways are beginning to dry up like leaves in the autumn. Let us pray and sacrifice for this moment in history.



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