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Michael Jenkins
March 9, 2004

Dear Beloved Blessed Wives,

We know that your burden is sometimes greater than can be described and that you carry the responsibility of family, marriage, mission and vocation. Sometimes it is not easy to see how we can fulfill each direction from Heaven. God knows our hearts and if we report our situation to him with faith, surely he will make a way.

As with each step of the dispensation True Parents always guide us to set the foundation for our Blessed Families to go to the next level. The 40 Day workshop and the process of purification, liberation and blessing is the special condition of the grace of God through True Parents, Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim. Once you determine in your heart to respond to this immense love and blessing from God somehow God will make a way for your schedule. Sooner or latter the door will open for you to attend. When you do many of the problems we face as blessed couples can be addressed in with the help of heaven. Heung Jin Nim, Dae Mo Nim and the Saints and Angels are working with immense love and compassion to allow the Blessed Central Family to have our ancestors liberated and blessed. Also in the spirit world who may have been hurt by our ancestors also can be liberated from their resentment and blessed. This blessing of ancestors and those in the spirit world connected to us allow us to gain our full authority to break through the darkness of this world and bring healing, reconciliation and ultimately the blessing to all families.

All blessed wives should attend as soon as possible. If you have a very urgent providential mission you may have to go at a latter time, but please don't hesitate. The more quickly we unite in heart with this special gift from heaven the more quickly God will be able to give you the love and fortune that is prepared for your family and lineage.

With your faith God will make a way and the blessing of God will pour down from heaven on you and your family. Ask God for guidance and he will lead you in a way in which you will not be diminished.

Proverbs 3: 5 - 6: Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

(Attached are speeches from Heung Jin Nim that will help you understand the meaning of the Chung Pyung Providence).

Michael Jenkins

Importance of the 40-day Workshop for Blessed Wives
Dae Mo Nim

Excerpts translated from Dae Mo Nim's speech
617th 2-day workshop - November 23, 2003 -

... The blessed wives are being educated about the Divine Principle while attending the 40-day workshop. This is incredibly amazing content. God is teaching blessed wives because they must know the Principle well and go onto the frontline.

In this wondrous 40-day period, God is recording all of the difficult problems befalling the blessed wives and their families. "Ah, this person has some sort of character, this person will understand if spoken to, this person can be taught indirectly through trials, this person can be taught through a dream."

You have to know that this is a time when the angels and absolute good spirits, in accordance with God's directions, are putting all of the members' reports on record. Thus, that person is given the appropriate abilities and when she goes on the frontline, the angels and the absolute good spirits guide her in the right direction and along the path to bring victory. This is the purpose of the 40-day workshop for blessed wives.

Therefore, after participating in this special 40-day blessed wives workshop, you will receive an enormous amount of grace that will solve the difficult problems that your families face. We can say, "Our Heavenly Father!" for this reason ...

Excerpts translated from Dae Mo Nim's speech
632nd 2-day workshop - February 12, 2004 -

... What does God say? "I did not see the way you lived until now." God assuredly knows everything yet He says that He did not see. "I am not aware of how you lived your lives until now. Accordingly, tell me everything about your lives while you are participating in the 40-day workshop. Tell me not only your mistakes, but also about your families' problems and I will be happy to solve them." This is what He is saying. This is exactly why the 36 through 1800 Couples wives are in training.

Those who are not coming to participate in the 40-day blessed wives workshop will face larger problems. Truly. God is recording everything. Four days ago, I asked Him, "How much has been recorded? "God has completely recorded all of the contents reported by each person, from the 36 Couples to the 777 Couples. If you press one button, everything that God recorded during the 40 days can be seen as if on video. This is how fearful the spirit world is.

Do you know what is regrettable? Instead of attending the workshop and clearly reporting to God that your family has "these sorts of situations," people simply think, "God already knows everything."...

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