The Words of the Jenkins Family

A Time for Prayer - A Time for Action

Michael Jenkins
March 9, 2004

Dear Family,

Each step we take brings results for the Kingdom. This is why Father is emphasizing that the most important thing to do is "take action". We have the absolute authority to roll back the culture of the fallen world. We must be united with one heart with True Parents and understand clearly our role as the "Representatives" of God and True Parents. Jesus and all the saints in heaven are leading the world into unity. In God's eyes there is no greater power in the front line of advancing God's Kingdom than the Blessed Central Family united and surrounded by the "blessed" religious leaders and Ambassadors for Peace. This is the movement of heaven.

The Blessed Central Family (Unificationists) being members of the Cheon Il Guk blessing have gone through the rebirth (registration of our families) will proceed on through two more stages - that of "resurrection" and then "eternal" life ceremonies. This will become the pattern eventually for the course to perfection of the heart of every one. In order to give everyone the opportunity to connect with this providence we are commissioned by True Parents, to "Bless" everyone with Cheon Il Guk Holy Wine. This changes the ownership from Satan's side to God's side.

One of the aspects of God's providence that is most significant is that because the founders of all the major religions have united together. Centering on Jesus and HJN the major religions of the world are transcending their boundaries to become one "Family under One God." Heaven is moving to cause the most prepared religious leaders to come forward to proclaim that we are one family. This is why the gate opened to the Holy Land, the Western Wall, Al Aqsa Mosque and on to Gaza. This is also why the Jewish leaders could embrace Jesus.

True Parents opened the way for this providence and also commission each and everyone of us (all people of faith) to become the True Parent and "Messiah" to our families and communities as well as to our nations. We are now in an age in which no one has to change their religion but rather to receive True Parents "blessing" of marriage with the prayers of their own religious leaders and live as a blessed family. There is no division in God's eyes between Muslim, Christian and Jew and all the religions of the world. The founders of the great religions are one with us and therefore God is working directly through those major traditions. Each Mosque, Synagogue and Church that follows with this providence will automatically become a "Family Mosque of Peace.", "Family Synagogue of Peace." "Family Church of Peace". This is the age that was prophesied in the scriptures. Flags with this name are being prepared per Father's direction to be displayed by each church and holy place.

The ACLC clergy as the Second Israel ended the era of the cross and then, with that condition, repented for not having loved their elder brother the Jews for the last 2000 years. They repented for not being a good Abel in history. If Christianity had manifested the Absolute love of Jesus, unity would have been possible. These special clergy representing the "younger brother" Christianity, helped the "elder brother" the "first Israel" to repent (through an historic representative Rabbi) and reconcile for the fact that Jesus' own family (and the larger community) could not support Jesus 2000 years ago. The internal condition to restore this was set through the Jerusalem Declaration. Because of this declaration the condition for reconciliation occurred and it was accomplished with the assistance of the Muslim leaders. Therefore in the Jerusalem declaration the Abrahamic faiths set the condition to unite and reconcile through chosen representatives. This opened the door for the establishment of the Fourth Israel. A new covenant was secured and a new chosen people was established - a chosen people composed of Muslims, Christians and Jews - expanding to all people of faith. The fourth Israel is horizontal substantial expression of the vertical realm of the Cheon Il Guk, the Kingdom of God. The Fourth Israel centering on the Cheon Il Guk is the basis for all nations to be blessed and united into the Peace Kingdom. The vehicle that God sought to bring the fourth Israel and the new covenant to all nations was the U.N. Last August again Father proclaimed that if there was no basis upon which to expand the fourth Israel that the Muslim world and the Judeo / Christian world could polarize and another holocaust would occur. 840 were mobilized representing the enemy nations of history to come to NY to set the condition that God's will would go forward smoothly. Because of this condition the Abel UN, the Interreligious and International Peace Council could be established on October 3rd. With this foundation established the spirit of the Cheon Il Guk and the new covenant of the fourth Israel could be brought to the Middle East. This opened the way for future pilgrimages to go through the impossible historic barriers between the Abrahamic faiths and not only visit the Al Aqsa Mosque but to realize incredible unity between Muslim, Christian and Jew. One most significant moment was on the morning of December 22nd when Imam Bundakji could "bare his heart" at the historic Holy Site of the Dome of the Rock. He called upon all religious leaders to end the violence. He repented for his the hatred he once had in is heart for the Jews. He offered forgiveness for any wrong doing that had been done by the Jewish family. This moved Rabbi Lazorovitz to tears and with the heart of Jacob and Esau the two brothers (Ishmael and Isaac) embraced at Al Aqsa.

The holy place of the Dome of the Rock - is sacred to the Jews, Christians and Muslims. It is considered sacred because it is the place where Abraham offered his son, the temple of Solomon once stood, and the transition of Muhammad into the heavenly realm occurred

History led us to this holy place. With the incredible blessing of Imam Sabri at Al Aqsa 3000 religious leaders could gather for this moment in history. This led to a rally of 20,000 plus at the Independence Park in Jerusalem. It was there on that stage of history that Jewish leaders could take the ultimate step to reconcile with Jesus. Upon the foundation of the internal condition of the Jerusalem Declaration, the substantial condition could be made. This was done by the Jewish leaders giving the Crown of King David and the Robe of the King to Jesus.

Jesus was received and lifted up as the King of the Jews and the King of peace. This liberated all the "han" between Jesus and God over the rejection of his son. Then Muslims could offer the Jewish leaders the Menorah and Ishmael could love and embrace Isaac. Then Christians honored Islam and proclaimed Muhammad is the Prophet of God and their in only one God of Islam, Christianity and Judaism. This is why massive change is occuring. The people of God are becoming one under the banner that "God is the Parent of All Humankind". This incredible moment in history came to America, on February 4th and on the stage of the world Jesus was embraced and the Abrahamic faiths were reconciled. This moved the hearts of the American leaders to experience first hand the powerful reconciliation that we are initiating in America and the Middle East between Muslims, Christians and Jews. Now we are again marching to Washington on March 23rd to further expand this reconciliation from America to the world. We will fulfill the role of the Second Israel to receive and honor True Parents.

This is the reason we have been called upon at this hour to pray sincerely and take action to bring the people that God has prepared to Washington. We are called upon to move the hearts of the America leaders as well as UN Ambassadors to solidify the movement of Peace through the cooperation between religious and political leaders centering on the Abel UN. Our focus. The Middle East. After the March 23rd event, key religious leaders will go on the next historic pilgrimage to the Holy Land on March 30th.

The Unification Blessed Central Families' role is absolutely crucial and central at this time. Centering on the movement of all "blessed couples" the key central figures of many nations and prepared Pastors, Rabbis and Imams are rapidly uniting with the IIPC. (Abel UN) It is totally amazing - really beyond our imagination. Through these prepared central figures huge conditions are being made in the Foundation of Substance that allow the sphere of True Parents' love to further expand through the religions that have been chosen by God. We are becoming united as God's "movement".

This is a key reason why Father wants us to reach out to all religious leaders and to reach out to our tribe, neighbors and everyone. Our families must become the "Temples of God" and with that our spirit must attract all who are called. God has prepared the people but if we don't "touch" them they won't hear the "call". The Blessed Central Family has the depth and understanding through the practice of the Principle to know and understand how to build a "True Family" and how to love your enemy and build God's Kingdom.

The Action we must take at this time is to understand the key opportunities that are set before us to "lift up" these prepared leaders. The first and most significant is the March 23rd event on Capitol Hill. Through local committees the most outstanding religious leaders or people of faith who are Ambassadors for Peace can be selected to receive their Crown of Peace for the sacrifices they have made. On this foundation Jesus and all the religious leaders and faiths will be lifted up and reconciled - the honoring of True Parents is a natural conclusion that will occur. They will be honored with the Crowns of Peace.

We must however, be focused in prayer and outreaching with our hearts to bring the people who are most outstanding in loving their enemies and bringing reconciliation. We are seeking to move the hearts of those elected officials who know that the reconciliation of all races, religions and nationalities is essential for Peace in the world. Through this event on March 23rd we want to bring the spirit of God's Kingdom - the Peace Kingdom and the time of reconciliation to the world.

God has prepared America and the world for this hour. We will achieve the next step in the substantiation and expansion of the Kingdom of God through March 23rd. Please watch, pray and work for the expansion of the Kingdom. Please unite as one with the AFC leaders and the Regional and Vice Regional Directors.

All the internal conditions have been set by our True Parents. Our responsibility is to bring the Good News of the Kingdom to our relatives and all the leaders of America. Now is the time. God is with you. We are the fourth Israel. We are the people of a new covenant. A covenant that will not be broken. The prepared leaders - religious, political - people of faith are marching with us. Their confidence is rising as we see the walls crumbling before our eyes. Upon the success of March 23rd God will rapidly transfer this victory to the Middle East. Our Peace Task Force members and IIPC Ambassadors are assembling now in Israel. They are preparing the way for the next Pilgrimage. The stage is set for Peace to be realized. We must be bold and strong. Our faith, love and heart to obey God must be absolute before Heaven. Let us sacrifice all we can to allow America to fulfill her destiny.

The Blessed Central Families have the Power - and that Power is Love.



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