The Words of the Jenkins Family

Please Pray for Peace

Michael Jenkins
March 1, 2004

Dear Family,

Please pray seriously for the reconciliation and Ambassador for Peace Crowns of Peace honors on Capitol Hill on March 23rd. This is the most central and serious step of the Fourth Israel to expand the foundation for God's Kingdom.

The Interreligious and International Peace Council, AFC, ACLC and many other peace oriented organizations are seeking to extend the reconciliation of the Abrahamic Faiths that occurred on December 22nd and February 4th to all the nations of the world. World figures such as Presidents, Prime Ministers and top religious leaders will join our True Parents in this world level event to reconcile all the historical enemies of history, (race, nationality and religion). Upon this foundation the rapid expansion of the Peace Kingdom will occur centering on the Blessing of Marriage (centering on the Cheon Il Guk Holy Wine) under the leadership of all faith traditions.

Here are the points of prayer sent out February 14th. We will conclude our prayer for peace on March 23rd.

Prayer Condition:

We ask all members to pray for the following points each day:

1. The Blessing and Protection of True Parents.

2. The Unity of all of our leaders and organizations centering on the IIPC (Abel UN) and the Middle East Peace Initiative.

3. That our blessed central families, Ambassadors for Peace, Religious Leaders (ACLC and other) which form the Realm of the Fourth Israel, can be completely united in heart with God and True Parents and can fulfill Heaven's directions in this crucial time toward building world peace.

4. For the complete victory of our next Washington event on March 23rd, the work for peace in the Holy Land beginning with 360 Ambassadors for Peace, and that the next Pilgrimage to the Holy Land will open the floodgates of peace to transform the Middle East. That through this process, America's leaders will understand and respond to God's hope and will for world peace.

5. That Jewish, Christian and Muslim leaders will be called forth to lead the work of reconciliation and to help create the foundation for peace in the Middle East.

6. That the all leaders in Israel, Palestine, America and the world will recognize that political strategies alone will not bring true peace but when blessed and enlightened by the united and reconciled religious leaders the process toward peace can be secured.

7. That through the Middle East Peace Process the Unification of the Fatherland will be advanced rapidly._

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