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God's Ideal of Marriage

Michael Jenkins
February 28, 2004

Dear Family,

We will be organizing a press conference and one day symposium on God's Ideal of family and marriage. We will use this platform as the opportunity to address and critique the issue of homosexuality in America and provide teaching on the ideal of marriage under God's blessing. The Family Federation affirms the ideal of marriage as that of the Blessed union of a man and woman as the image of God. It is a union that affirms the sanctity of marriage and pledges to never divorce and never to commit adultery.

The ideal of heaven is quite clear. The purpose of life is fulfilled through the three blessings (Gen. 1:28) achieving the completion of life, love and lineage which extends the love off God, the man and the woman from generation to generation. Only the union of a man and woman in blessed marriage can fulfill these three fundamental principles all together. The life and lineage of two parents combining into one is essential for the love of a relationship to extend from generation to generation. The homosexual relationship cannot produce a lineage out of the two people and therefore life centering on the combination of the two in a homosexual union cannot last for more than one generation after which it is ended. There is no lineage or descendants from the two that are linked in spirit and blood. The ideal of God and the continuity of love for eternity is not possible. Therefore God's life, love and lineage can only come from a man and woman united as one in a blessed marriage.

God's original ideal is made clear in the scripture that the image of God is seen in the blessing of marriage of a male and female who complete the three blessings. The unified "lineage" that is created is also the basis for the ancestors to support and participate with the family joining together heaven and earth. That is why the violation of the purity and sanctity of marriage through the misuse of sexual love (through homosexuality or heterosexual infidelity) destroys the ideal of God and also removes God's ability to connect with and sanctify the blood lineage.

Being fruitful (becoming mature in the unity of mind and body centering on God's Word), Multiplying (joining into one lineage and extending this through children) and then having dominion over the earth to bring the creation into harmony for the purpose of supporting and giving joy to the life, love and lineage of man, is the ideal of heaven.

When Adam and Eve violated these three blessings through disobedience to God's commandment. Instead of achieving maturity and receiving God's blessing to start the family, their disobedience led to the misuse of sexual love in a premature, immature condition (known as the fall), the blood lineage was changed from God's side to the side of Satan. From the fall of man on God could not directly relate with man due to the problem of blood lineage not being connected with God's Word and ideal, therefore a mediator became necessary between God and man. This led to the need for the coming of the Messiah.

The purpose of the Messiah is to create a condition of grace that can forgive our inherited condition of the fall and restore us back to the ideal of the Blessed Family before God. This was the mission for which Jesus came. He fulfilled his purpose to restore Adam (this is why Paul referred to Jesus as "Adam" I Cor. 15:45) and created a condition by which grace could come. Through the condition of his sacrifice and forgiveness on the cross and his resurrection we could be spiritually saved (adopted / reborn) into the family of God by believing in him and receiving he Holy Spirit. However, this process can only be brought to completion and substantiation through the extension of this grace beyond the individual into the family. This is the purpose of the Second Coming and this is the purpose for which Jesus chose Father and Mother Moon. To bring the grace of God to the family so that the blood lineage of a reborn man and woman could be blessed by God, removing the condition of any claim by Satan over the lineage.

As Unificationists, we affirm the sanctity of the ideal of God in the Blessed Marriage, one that is blessed by True Parents (and now blessed by representatives of True Parents - religious leaders of all faiths) bringing the grace of the Messiah beyond the individual to the family.

Now the gate is open for all families to receive the Blessing and for all parents to become "True Parents" affirming and extending the life, love and lineage of God. The Holy Wine (Juice) that is taken as part of the blessing is the extension of the covenant that Jesus gave us as individuals. By partaking of the communion "wine" and bread we were "grafting" into the spiritual lineage of Jesus. Now by taking the Holy Wine from one cup as a couple we are "grafting" into the spiritual and the substantial blood lineage of God through True Parents. Through this path our marriage is blessed and the curse of original sin is removed from the family and the children. This is the essence of the Second Coming.

With this understanding our attitude for all people and in particular heterosexual or homosexual people who have not fulfilled the ideal of Blessed Marriage, must be one of respect, compassion, love and affirmation for them as a potentially Divine beings who can be blessed in marriage and achieve oneness with God. Through love, truth and understanding, all of God's children can and will eventually be brought back to the ideal of Family that allows fulfillment both in the temporal plane and the eternal spiritual world.

Let us pray that the Blessing Movement will rapidly spread to every Church, Synagogue and Mosque and to every race, community and nation so that the ideal fulfillment of life, love and lineage will be experienced on earth and in heaven by all humanity.


Rev. Michael Jenkins
Family Federation for World Peace and Unification U.S.A.

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