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4 Of The 12 Ambassadors To Israel And 7 Former Enemy Nation - Urgent

Michael Jenkins
February 22, 2004

Dear Family and to our beloved volunteers to be Ambassadors to 8 former enemy nations:

As I'm writing this message, news that another horrific and tragic Bus bombing has occurred in Jerusalem. Last week many died in Gaza. It is a relentless process of back and forth violence which will never bring peace. We must understand the current urgency of Father's heart. He called last week with a profound sense of urgency that if we move now the way for peace in the Middle East Peace will be opened. Also is we continue to spread the fire created by the February 4th event, America can also move in a way that will hasten the path to peace. The key is the response of the Chosen People of the fourth Israel. That is the Blessed Central Families.

We were asked by True Parents on December 23rd , the day after the coronation of Jesus in Jerusalem, for 12 representatives from America to volunteer to be Ambassadors to 8 nations (7 former enemy nations and Israel/ Palestine). The outpouring of the volunteer spirit was overwhelming. We asked for 96 (12 to 8 nations) and yet 127 volunteered including many clergy. Father asked the Ambassadors to go to their assigned nations by February. Many of us did not understand what we were volunteering for, nevertheless we must respond, not as individuals but as a nation. We have asked each Regional and Vice Regional Director to be very urgent in their efforts to help the Ambassadors get to their nations.

Now 4 of those 12 Ambassadors have been asked to go to their assigned nations for three months. Then the next 4 should rotate in and so on. It has been permitted that the time period can be shortened and rotations more often. The other 8 who volunteered are asked to support them financially. However, this is not enough, we ALL must get behind them. It is very important dispensationally that America fulfill in this hour. We must do all we can to support these Ambassadors and that they immediately go to their nations.

We must respond to Father's urgent direction. Many Korean, Japanese and European ambassadors are in place, America must now quickly respond. We have communicated with every Ambassador on the list. Each one is cooperative and supportive. Between two and four are ready to go immediately to each of the 8 nations. If you are one of the Ambassadors and cannot go for the requested three month period, please go for whatever time you can go, the important thing now is to go and contribute immediately. We must hasten our response. Otherwise another course of indemnity may be required. Please do not hesitate at this time.

New volunteers:

Anyone in America who feels called by God to respond to Father's call (first or second generation) you may choose one of these nations and go immediately.

120 To Israel:

The Middle East situation is Urgent. Father is strongly asking us not to hesitate or slow down whether its the MEPI on Capitol Hill or its the Ambassadors (4 out of 12) to 8 former enemy nations. Father has also asked that 120 from Korea, 120 from Japan and 120 from America (360 total) form a Peace Task Force for Israel by March 1st. The first wave will be 40 from each of the three nations (120 total). This is an additional direction to the 4 (out of 12) who volunteered last December.

The American Movement has been making an incredible history in recent years in uniting with and fulfilling Father's direction - from the 2400 to the Cheon Il Guk activity to the 840 Mobilization that occurred last September (we finally had to turn volunteers away once the landslide occurred). Then the mobilization to Israel in December of 2003 was a great success. When Americans understand the call - they always respond. Please America, understand this call. We must place 4 Ambassadors in 8 Nation - IMMEDIATELY. We must rally 40 for the first wave of the 360 person Peace Task Force in Israel - IMMEDIATELY. America always responds to the challenge. Now is the time, this is the hour. America must rise to this challenge.

We must really link our identity as the fourth Israel to the responsibilities that the Israelites had to fulfill at the time of Jesus. It is a time of faith.

Please America and beloved American family - Let us respond with all of our hearts to the time of ushering in the Kingdom of God. America will fulfill because you always rise to the call of God. Rise America - Rise Fourth Israel. True Parents love Burns for you !!!!

Sincerely in the love of our True Parents,


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